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  1. Tonedawg181

    Controller Support For Title Screen

    This is a very minor detail, and if it is completely un-doable I can live without it. But is there any script out there, or anyone know how to make a script for the Title Screen of your game (the very first screen when you first open your game) to have support for controllers? The OK button...
  2. St0rmSlaSh

    Custom VX Ace Title Background

    First time requesting so Let's hope this goes well... Alright, so I was wondering if someone could draw me up a Lich in his chambers, holding his crystal phylactery in his hand. I would like the crystal to be more of the main thing in the title screen to let the player know that that crystal...
  3. eat beans

    New Game Sound Effect

    Is there a way to make it so a unique sound plays when you select new game on the title screen? Can I do this in the menus or do I have to use a script?
  4. Alexander Hawksmoor

    Help with evented title screen

    Just wondering if someone could help me figure this out. Basically I'm eventing my title screen using the skip title screen plugin and I was wondering how you can change the picture so that its highlighted when that option is selected as in examples 1, 2 and 3 below. Do I need a plugin or can it...
  5. Kes

    Show picture on top of title screen

    I have my title screen, it comes up in the normal way. However, what I would like to happen is that after 2-3 seconds a picture appears on top of it. The picture is the same size as the screen, so I don't have to worry about getting x,y coordinates, it just has to load up, but I have zero idea...
  6. Negi-Mox

    How to show a sudden image in the title screen then it disapper??

    Hey,I want to know how I can show a image suddenly appear then disappear it and it will not stop I mean there has to be a loop that it will appear and disappear until the player starts the game!!!And it will also will play a se when ever the pictures shows!!So it will be somthing like player...
  7. spacedev

    Basic Picture Command Title Script?

    Hiya papaya I'm making a game and I'd like to know if there is a basic, picture as command title script. No animations, no fancy ding-dongs, just pictures as the commands instead of a window. Like this: If anyone can direct me to a script like this, or put one together for me (as long as it's...
  8. yumekakaro

    Event after game completion

    I'm at the end of my game now. The player has the choice to save after completing the game. after the game ends, the screen goes black, then goes back to the title screen. After the game is completed, I want there to be something like an "extra room" where the player can get background...
  9. Button to website in title screen

    Hi. Probably I have a very stupid question but I hope anyone can help me with it. I've created title screen (using images) with buttons (new game, load, etc.) and decided to add button which can open website in browser. Draw the button is not a problem but I dunno what command or script I should...
  10. Faherya

    Alternative Simple Title Screen

    Creating a Home screen after the title First, forgiveness for deception. I have not found an option to edit the topic title, so I write here: this is not an alternate title screen, but a main screen that appears after the common title. Introduction: Certain games feature incredible main...
  11. Title Screen Pitch Black?

    So, when I launch the executable .exe of my game outside of the VX Ace editor, the two title cards and music play but the title Screen is pitch black. But when I playtest it through the editor, the title Screen appears just fine. How can I fix this?
  12. DMIgames

    Title Bgs

    Hello everyone! I am in need of a really simple plugin/script that plays a bgs of choice on the title screen, i tried adding it in myself in the core MV files but it likes to reset the set bgs when I change the title bgm in any fashion. If anyone is up to this that would be great ^_^ Example...
  13. Custom Title Menu Screen

    I'd like to have custom images etc for the home/title screen, a.k.a no box and if possible a fluid transition with the cursor. Font used is just an example, provided by MOG's animation title(?) https://atelierrgss.wordpress.com/download-page-9/ Preferably something like this, this, or this...
  14. Title from Moghunter and Custom Res from ForeverZer0 doesn't work

    When I'm trying the script by Moghunter (Animated titlescreen) and foreverzer0's script (Custom resolution) doesn't works when I use them both, the problem is that the picture that works for the New Game, Load Game and Close Game called Com_01 Com_02 and Com_03 don't appear, is there anyway it...
  15. satellites

    Can I change the title screen and theme AGAIN?

    I wanted a way to be able to have two different title screens and themes for different parts of my game. The only other example I can recall of this being used in a finished game is in Mad Father, I can't remember exactly what causes the title screen to change but I do know it starts out...
  16. Damaris

    How important is a title screen... really?

    So, I'll start by saying that user interface graphics are one of my strongest skills. I have the ability to make a mind-blowing animated title. But after some consideration, I've been thinking about removing the title screen all together - a simple a "Press X to continue/start" on a black screen...
  17. Birdcake

    Title Screen Help

    I'm kind of at a loss on how exactly I need to go about this. I'm trying to make a title screen with a simple animation, an animated cursor, and the game options in separate boxes  Here's a mock up of exactly how I want it to look:   Any help would be appreciated! :)
  18. Bitschi

    Help with eventing a custom title screen?

    Hi, I'm currently trying to make  a custom title screen with events, and I've just run into a bit of a roadblock!  Here's the layout I decided on: And here's a screenshot of my event sequences thingys, my cursor picture is the 'x' running through the title screen buttons. I've...
  19. Juanxpeke

    I have a problem with the tittle screen command window

    Hello everyone, how are you? c:  this is my first post and I'm really just learning how to use the RPG Maker VXAce, and now I had a problem and I didn't find any solution in intenet. The problem is related with the options window that appears in the tittle screen (command window I believe)...
  20. Random Panda

    Title Screen Plugin Help

    Hi all, hopefully someone here can help. I have been using one of SoulXRegalia's title screens for my project and it worked fine until I updated to 1.3.2. Now the two background images seem to display as if they were tiled. It only seems to affect the "backsprite1" and "backsprite2" images...

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