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  1. Chester

    Can I use RPGMaker Wallpaper as title screens for commercial?

    Hey, Lets say that I want to make a game based on the front cover characters of RPGMaker VX ACE, can I use the wallpaper as my title screen? Also this is for commercial purposes and I do own the software. Thanks!
  2. How do I remote the Title Screen?

    Hi,  I am wondering, How am I gonna remove the title screen? Instead of the default title screen. I'm gonna just use an image on Title Screen/Menu. Thanks.
  3. Skip the Title Screen

    Hey guys, is there any way to skip the standard title screen? I think it was possible in previous RPG Makers.
  4. Blue001

    Splash Screens And Title Screen Variance

    Since all three of these plugin function requests fall under the title screen category, I have put them all into one thread. It would be great to see a complete plugin that has all of the functions. It could be called "Title Screen Expanded" or something. Splash Screens Add a way to call...
  5. Help with Title Screen

    I'm having problems, I used a map screenshot script then I made it my title screen. Here is the screenshot: Here is the result: Can anybody help me?
  6. I need help with the title screen

    Ok, hi. So i'm completely new to RPG Maker VX Ace and I've spent a lot of time trying to figure out how i can i change the window text box on my title screen. So far, this is what it looks like: http://imgur.com/G0iO7ob I'm happy with it, but for the life of me I just CANNOT figure out how I...
  7. Anime

    Customized Title Screen Introduction

    I've been searching on the Internet and this website for anything that would help me with this script but I couldn't find anything. I want to make an intro that starts off at a map instead of going straight to the title screen when it's launched, like the game "To The Moon". If you want to see...
  8. xxxxx

  9. Request for title screen

    I am working on a non commercial game using RPG Maker vx ace, and I am hoping to acquire a better title screen for it, as I am very unsatisfied with what I have to work with. I don't know if I will be able to pay very much or any money for one, and I really hate to ask for free, but I am not...
  10. RadiantCadenza

    Radiant Cadenza Studios: music, logos and interface graphics

    Hello everyone. I'm a composer and graphic designer. I've decided to start taking free requests because I have a few skills I need to get some more practice with, and making stuff for other people is a good way to branch out.  Terms of use: For graphics, my main specialty is graphics for...
  11. Sausage_Boi

    Humble Request for a Title Screen

    Some of you may remember my entry to the Super Awesome Face Contest. Well, it's back, and better than ever! Only problem is, I don't have a proper title screen. I am using the Demon reaching at the player for a placeholder, but I am here to humbly request a nice title screen for my abomination...
  12. Marche100

    Changing the Title Screen's Music Based on Game Progression

    Hi, everyone.  I'd like to request a script that allows you to dynamically change the music that plays on the title screen. I'm going to use another script that I'm currently using to explain my idea: This is Rachael's Dynamic Title Script. It allows you to change the title screen's background...
  13. Halfmoon Media

    Adding Options to Title Screen with Switch

    What I'm trying to do: Add "Sound Test" or "Picture Gallery" to title screen upon game completion (I am using a switch for this right now) Problem: Game adds options without regardless of switch state Scene_Title:   I want to learn HOW to do this, but I can reverse engineer the solution if...
  14. Samukavera

    How can I disable the Title Screen (like the Title Button in RPG Maker 2003)

    Hi, there is some way to just hit the F12 and see the map without the load of the title screen? is annoying see this title screen every time i want to test my game...   I know there is a Title Button that make it on RPG Maker 2003, but i didn't see nothing like this in the XVA
  15. Shuko

    Title screen redraw

    Hey everyone! I know I've been asking for a lot of help latley, and I wanted to say that I really appreciate everyone that's been helping me out! Now to business, I drew a brief title screen, and I need someone to redraw it but in an hd like look. I drew the picture with a white backdrop, but...
  16. Kes

    Changing title screen commands

    I want to change the wording of the default title screen commands i.e. 'New Game', 'Continue', 'Quit'.  I have looked through the default scripts, and Yanfly's Ace Core Engine script https://github.com/Archeia/YEARepo/blob/master/Core/Ace_Core_Engine.rb  plus Yanfly's Ace Menu Engine scripts...
  17. Title screen help

    Hey guys, (I hope this thread belongs in here) I just wanted to create a titlescreen by my self but (I have no idea how to start >_>  . I'm using Gimp ) but thats something different. I saw some cool title screens with fonts that looked way better than the original one(probably a script), so...
  18. captainproton

    title screen art

    Right now I'm working with Moghunter's animated title script and am in the process of putting together my title screen art. Here's the trouble I'm running into: What sort of art looks better on a title screen? Do players like to see just scenery? The game's characters? Items or scenes from...
  19. TheGreenHorse

    Tweaking your title screen

    I'm sorry if the post hadn't to be made here. Sorry, but I couldn't find another forum. This topic is made to guide you to tweak a few things of the Scene_Title module. It contains all information for the title screen except for the command window...
  20. looping title screen script. help needed please.

    After a very long morning trying to figure out how to do this on my own, I have finally given up and registered with your forum for some help. This is my first post, please be gentle. Ok, so what I have been working on is an animated title screen with a flashing "press start" that plays for 20...

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