title screen

  1. Potato Lord

    (Indie Game) Title Screen

    Okay, so I need help creating a title screen for a indie game I am creating called "Marooned." It needs to show a dungeon entrance, and a sign saying "Zentai Dungeon", it needs to have a sunset in the background.  :(  My friend is an expert at using Photoshop and drawing, etc. but she won't...
  2. TheGreenHorse

    Anvil Title Script

    Hi! This is my first script of RPG Maker Web. It is a simple title script. Features Create --> Subtitle Customize --> Subtitle Font, Size Customize --> Title Font, Size Customize --> Fadeout Time Customize --> Location, Opacity, Size of the Command Window And a lot more. Download Here...
  3. NoahB

    Spink's Graphics Workshop (Commercial and Non-Commercial)

    Welcome to my graphics workshop. What I create is everything from logos to game over screens. Here are some samples of my work (including the logo in the header): (Creepy house picture is from https://www.flickr.com/photos/gfoster67/8260224916/ ) TO REQUEST GRAPHICS, YOU MUST: 1. Specify...
  4. Monkeysnow55 The Cookie

    Title Screen request!

    I need a title screen for my game The Sands Of Remembrance, it's for rpg maker vx ace you can get the details about it here: http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/26101-the-sands-of-remembrance/ when ever I playtest the title screen is blank and bugs me thanks in advanced! :D
  5. OM3GA-Z3RO

    Need a title screen for coming game

    I am a very patient guy and I understand artists are human too but I have been waiting for a request from the 22nd of November 2013 and I can't wait anymore, I have to safely assume that the artist is no longer here offering non-commercial title screens so I would like to make a request here...
  6. Fox Arcana

    [Ace] How to move the command window?

    I'm creating a custom title screen and i need to move the command window to the right. Any help?
  7. MartaLualdi

    Title Screen Option - Map Transfer

    I decided to implement my own title menu options, however this one has been bugging me for quite a while now. Some of you might now, that if you want to start a new game, and go directly to the map your character's initial position is. This will me more a less the coding used for that task...
  8. Foron

    [SOLVED] Yellow Crystal Title Screen Request

    I'm looking for a giant yellow crystal for a custom title screen. Also, how to load up a custom title screen picture. Thanks in advance.
  9. nio kasgami

    Title cursor conception

    so hello  I build my title screen and I want to add a cursor option in my title screen but i have a little problem I just don't remember how to create this  and also ~ I want to make it animated (if possible)  but sadly make the stuff animated I am less good with that  sankyou if you can...
  10. Jericho Swain

    Splash Screen Music all the way to Title Screen

    Hi I need a script that would help play music (or my title screen song) at the splash screen that doesn't reset when it reaches the title screen. Thank you and much love :D
  11. Rishabh Varshney

    title screen needed.

    Hello i need a title screen with the name The adventure of rioka. type - futurstic. font - (as you want) Details:a person as look as he making a tool on the left side of itle screen. a women as look as she is planted a plant. a boy and girl is stand in center as look as they are marry
  12. RJOS001RL

    RPG Maker VX Ace Title Screen Maker/Generator?

    Hi. I want to know if there is a title screen maker/generator for my game titled "AoS: TOLW," meaning, "Adventures of Sorrow: Tales of Legendary Weapons." If there is anything like this, please let me know. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you for your time. ^_^
  13. Nooberi

    Video background in Title screen

    Heya! I'm new in here and I'm not sure where should I put my question and if there is already topic to this. I was wondering is it possible to put a video under the title menu. I mean instead using a image background there would be a video! I would so love to animate my main character and game...
  14. xcom

    Need title screen (VXA)

    Hello all!   I'm looking for a title screen image for a non commercial game that I'm making for VX Ace.  I have like no skill in making something like that, so I'm here humbly checking to see if someone can design something for me.   Title:   When Fandoms Collide!   I have no real preference on...
  15. D4yz

    Title Screen

    Hey everyone. I had a request for a project I've recently embarked on lol. My first ever game, but not the first time I poke around with sprites being a huge GBA, GB, NES, SNES fan. I need a Title screen for the game that I'm creating- but I'm incredibly indecisive. And the finality of anything...
  16. Monkeysnow55 The Cookie

    Title Screen Request!

    Can someone make me a title screen for my game Elementals please? It's about a brother and sister about 17 years old who need to look for the elements in the elemental sword because a bad guy got rid of the powers in it and they are like orbs that go into the sword and they need to find the 7...
  17. Multiple character games.

    Hey guys im thinking about getting RPG Maker VX Ace and i was just wondering if there is a way to put a bunch of different stories in one game? Like when you go to the title screen or whatever you pick your character and just do that story or does it take more than one game.
  18. Yato

    Attract Mode

    Attract Mode 1.3 by Racheal Introduction This script allows you to set up an attract mode when the player sits idle on the title screen, similar to many arcade and console games. Features Sends the player to a blank map after a certain number of frames spent on the title screen...
  19. nio kasgami

    N.K Animated Title screen

                                                                                                      Inspired from Mog hunter   The Title Screen of the Rush Blade Engine. Originaly made for my game. _________________________________________________________________________________________________...
  20. Monkeysnow55 The Cookie

    A moving title screen?

    For my game, I need a moving title screen and I don't know how to do it, I want to have like icicles falling and the screen moving I've played games where the title screen moves so I know it's possible is it a script or what? Please help!

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