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  1. RJOS001RL

    RPG Maker VX Ace Title Screen Maker/Generator?

    Hi. I want to know if there is a title screen maker/generator for my game titled "AoS: TOLW," meaning, "Adventures of Sorrow: Tales of Legendary Weapons." If there is anything like this, please let me know. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you for your time. ^_^
  2. Nooberi

    Video background in Title screen

    Heya! I'm new in here and I'm not sure where should I put my question and if there is already topic to this. I was wondering is it possible to put a video under the title menu. I mean instead using a image background there would be a video! I would so love to animate my main character and game...
  3. xcom

    Need title screen (VXA)

    Hello all!   I'm looking for a title screen image for a non commercial game that I'm making for VX Ace.  I have like no skill in making something like that, so I'm here humbly checking to see if someone can design something for me.   Title:   When Fandoms Collide!   I have no real preference on...
  4. D4yz

    Title Screen

    Hey everyone. I had a request for a project I've recently embarked on lol. My first ever game, but not the first time I poke around with sprites being a huge GBA, GB, NES, SNES fan. I need a Title screen for the game that I'm creating- but I'm incredibly indecisive. And the finality of anything...
  5. Monkeysnow55 The Cookie

    Title Screen Request!

    Can someone make me a title screen for my game Elementals please? It's about a brother and sister about 17 years old who need to look for the elements in the elemental sword because a bad guy got rid of the powers in it and they are like orbs that go into the sword and they need to find the 7...
  6. Multiple character games.

    Hey guys im thinking about getting RPG Maker VX Ace and i was just wondering if there is a way to put a bunch of different stories in one game? Like when you go to the title screen or whatever you pick your character and just do that story or does it take more than one game.
  7. Yato

    Attract Mode

    Attract Mode 1.3 by Racheal Introduction This script allows you to set up an attract mode when the player sits idle on the title screen, similar to many arcade and console games. Features Sends the player to a blank map after a certain number of frames spent on the title screen...
  8. nio kasgami

    N.K Animated Title screen

                                                                                                      Inspired from Mog hunter   The Title Screen of the Rush Blade Engine. Originaly made for my game. _________________________________________________________________________________________________...
  9. Monkeysnow55 The Cookie

    A moving title screen?

    For my game, I need a moving title screen and I don't know how to do it, I want to have like icicles falling and the screen moving I've played games where the title screen moves so I know it's possible is it a script or what? Please help!
  10. Title Screen Request

    Hi! I am trying to make a decent looking title screen. I want to use the image I attached, however I am not any good at doing the name of the game. Can anyone help me out? Name of game:Crystal Legend Name Style:whatever matches really. I just want it to look professional. Would pefer the name...
  11. KD Games

    Title Screen Options Help

    This thread is being closed, due to being solved. If for some reason you would like this thread re-opened, please report this post and leave a message why. Thank you. Heya, KD here and I need some help. What I'd like to know is how to add Yanfly's System Options as a command in the title...
  12. RenegadeForce

    Moving the title screen options

    Hey... Whats up? I was wondering for my upcoming game if it was possible to move the title screen options (new game, continue, exit...etc) to the far right-handside of the screen instead of the middle.... I plan to have a saddened soldier (on the far right) standing on a mountain using is...
  13. Korros

    Moving Background Title Screen Script

    Hello people QAQ! So I've been working on my game for some days, and now I want to make some cool title screen with an RTP-Style background without changing how the menu looks or works, and if possible one that you can adjust the speed and what direction will the image move. Also if you could...
  14. The Forbidden Forest - I Need Help With A Title Screen

    Hey guys, I am making a new game called the forbidden forest, I had been going through a few different programs until I found rpgmaker, and decided this would be best for my story. I would really appreciate anyone who could give me a nice looking logo, or title screen. As I recently changed...
  15. Yato

    Dynamic Title

    Dynamic Title 1.1 by Racheal Introduction This script changes the title screen based on a variable set in-game. This could be used, for example, to add a character to the title screen after you meet them. Features Change the background, foreground, or both. Pull the variable from the...
  16. Movie before the title screen

    Hello i am wondering, Is it possible to play a movie before the title screen? then when you press a confirm button it skips the movie. thanks.

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