1. Mini game title screen

    Hello! I'm trying to make a little side-view mini-game right now, and I was wondering if there is a script or something that would display a title screen specifically for mini-games? I would like to display something like the image below.
  2. thatcombatwombat

    Editing Title Screen Options?

    I've been working on some short, visual-novel style games in RPG Maker MZ. There's no opportunity to save in them, so I'd like to remove the 'continue' option from the title, as well as editing some of the options in the option menu ('Always Dash' and 'Command Remember' are unnecessary in this...
  3. PolvoT_GamesVX

    Help! Script to skip!

    Hi! So I'm making an Intro Screen before the Title Screen (using a tutorial), and it worked. BUT the intro is so damn long. What's the script to skip it when you press "Enter"? 'Cause I tried with this but it didn't skip when I pressed "Enter". Tell me what's the correct way to configurate it...
  4. [VXACE] How to show picture after press start game before transfer to map

    Hello RM members, could you help me please, how to show picture and SE after i press start game but not transfer yet. The action like this: [title] > push start game > show picture (ex: a intro page) (with smooth transition) > push again > remove picture > SE > then normal transfer to map...
  5. [VXACE] How to put BGS in title menu?

    Hello RM members! could you help me please to put BGS in title menu? So there are 2 music, BGM and BGS. Thank you!
  6. SnapSnap

    RMMV How to change Title Screen in the Title Screen

    Basically what the title says, but to go into more detail how do I change the title screen when a certain command menu is highlighted? I illustrated what I'm trying to achieve below. Any help is appreciated, thank you.
  7. Kaizo

    Custom Title Screen

    Hello. I am a Musician and Artist, and I wanted to make a game to tell a story using my skills. I have started on the project, and things are going better than I anticipated. One thing that bugs me, however, is my title screen. Right now, it looks like this. However, I want to do a few...
  8. Ancient_Eagle

    RMMV Fix title screen

    Hello everyone, I need some one to fix title screen that I used 2 plugins: 1) TitleNewGameOnly 2) Mog_TitlePictureCom And this what happened when I use it I don't want to combine it together, I want to make first says "Press Any Button", then moghunter title command comes the second one...
  9. ovate

    Tweaks: Skip First Title, Quick Swap, Timer Resume

    Skip First Title If there's no save file, the game starts a new game without a title screen. Note: The event command [Return to Title Screen], will be displayed as usual. Preview Installation Paste this script above Main. Script...
  10. How do I make the game start without a title screen and have the game be able to load savefiles during gameplay?

    I'm just trying to create my own custom title.
  11. Drake616

    RMMZ Title Screen Credits

    I am not quite good at coding but I would like to give credits for the resources used in a text window opened from the title screen, however I'm not quite sure how to go about it.
  12. ovate

    Replace a Window with an Image/ Windowskin

    WindowBackImage - Version 1.5.1 (2021/01/30) Creator name: Triacontane Overview Replace windowskin with an image Note: Image file has to be inside img/pictures folder. Features - Replaces the window with an image of your choice. - The original window frame will be hidden. - Parameters...
  13. ovate

    Kagetora - GameOver screens & Titles2 frames

    Terms of Use- Commercial use: OK Redistribution: OK Processing: OK Redistribution after processing: OK For RPG Maker MV credit: Kagetora Source (found on resource section) https://tm.lucky-duet.com/viewforum.php?f=11 Feel free to use these. -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_...
  14. mudkipi

    Skip Title Script

    This is a simple script that allows you to skip to the starting level. Useful for games that don't need the default title. Github Res Copy this code and replace the code in Scenes > Scene_Title. This code is under the Apache License. class Scene_Title < Scene_Base def start super...
  15. ovate

    Windowskin Tester for VX Ace

    I used RPG Maker VX Ace with Himeworks script to make Windowskin Tester. Game.exe lets you try out windows inside Graphics/System folder File name has to be "Window" (default) or "Window#" # is 1 through 5 Instead of opening up RPG Maker to try windowskins individually Light weight...
  16. casper667

    [CGMZ] Title Command Window

    CGMZ Title Command Window By: Casper Gaming Last Update: 4/14/2021 Latest Version: 1.1.0 Use this plugin to easily manage the command window in the title screen. It allows you to re-arrange commands or use JavaScript to add custom commands which are capable of calling custom plugin scenes or...
  17. sewerghoul

    what kind of titles makes you give games a chance?

    ive heard people say simplicity is key such as "within" some like gibberish like "wamzo ka-zamzo" while others say the prefer the old fashion "heroman: the legend of the bird" i cant decide because most of the time i just choose what seems fitting of the theme/art (or if it just sounds funny :0)...
  18. DudeItsNick

    Custome Title & Splash

    I'm looking to create my own title and splash pre-title. Using Yanfly's Pre-title I was able to create the splash segment, but since it takes the place of my title I can't have my own title as well as the splash. Anybody know how I can make my own splash and my own title screen?
  19. Lance of Longinus

    Making the MZ menu look more like the MV menu?

    I've currently started an attempt to bring a project from the Rpg Maker MV to the Rpg Maker MZ and I'm struggling to get it to look like I want it to look. How it used to look in the Rpg Maker MV (here I managed to give it a nice retrofuturistic appearance): How it looks now: I'm having 4...
  20. casper667

    [CGMZ] Title System

    CGMZ Title System By: Casper Gaming Last Update: 1/28/2022 Latest Version: 1.1.0 Allows you to show multiple images or maps in a cycle on the title screen. It will cycle between each map/image in order, and can handle screen effects and other event commands. Show a sequence of title screen...

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