1. tale

    Fading Title Logo

    Fading Title Logo Jul 23, 2014 Creator name: lctseng Introduction On the title screen, logo will fade in & out. Features - Settings for fade time, fade speed, min and max opacity, and layer of z coordinate. - To use your own logo, place an image file named "logo" in your project folder >...
  2. Dantalion_Crowley

    [RMMV] Renaming the title menu commands

    Although some newcomers might have asked about this, I should as well just to get it out of the way. To put it simply, how do I turn this... ...into this? I realise that there are many ways to make your title menus look pretty, but I only want to change the names of the commands. Thank...
  3. FoxySeta

    Intro Scene *before* the Title Scene, not "instead of"

    As the thread title suggests, I'm trying to create an Intro Scene which plays before the Title Scene once you run the game (you know, that thing which is usually done for games opening, team logos and such). As you can see in the draft, I've already set my scene as "Intro Scene" in the database...
  4. TextManager Strings problem

    Sorry if this is a stupid question, but im having a lot of trouble with the TextManager. So im trying to create a new command for the title screen. Which ive succeded in doing, exept for one thing: I can not figure out how to use my own strings when displaying the text for the command. for...
  5. Avery

    Graphic Hacks! - Workarounds for everyone

    Hello o/ This is Avery and today I am going to pretend I had no idea how to draw or pixelate. While doing so, I will face certain graphic problems most developer meet while creating a game and show ways to deal with them. Probably you already know some of them, but hopefully there is one or...
  6. MobiusXVI

    Mobius's Title Command Manager

    Mobius's Title Command Manager 1.0 by MobiusXVI Release Notes v. 1.0 Initial Release Introduction This script allows you to add custom commands to the title, remove existing commands, and order them however you like! Features - Easily add new commands to the title - Remove un-needed...
  7. spacedev

    Basic Picture Command Title Script?

    Hiya papaya I'm making a game and I'd like to know if there is a basic, picture as command title script. No animations, no fancy ding-dongs, just pictures as the commands instead of a window. Like this: If anyone can direct me to a script like this, or put one together for me (as long as it's...
  8. Zarsla

    Change Title Font.

    I'm using this plugin by SRD. And I want my title to be a different font than the default one. I know about this plugin by Galv, but it's not compatible with SRD's plugin. Does anyone know of how can change the title's font, without using Galv's plugin?
  9. MrWhite

    Having Trouble with Main Menu

    Following Problem: I would like to have a Music Manager in my Title Menu (Not the Ingame Menu). Therefore I got this plugin here: MOG_Music_Book (https://atelierrgss.wordpress.com/rmv-music-book/) It works perfect in the InGameMenu, but I would also like it in the TitleMenu. I tried to bind it...
  10. DeathByGames

    Custom Save & Title Pictures

    So I am working to make as unique of a title screen as I can. One problem that has occurred to me though, is the normal title screen option box. I have this relocated to a different side of the screen, but I would like it if it was without the window skin border. I would also love it if the "New...
  11. ZixK

    Game title. Please read to understand what I mean.

    I've recently just started to use RPG Maker VX ACE again because of boredom. But after I've made my game and want to adjust my title settings, I want to make a message for the player before they can choose the 3 options in the title menu. What I mean by this is for example that movies shows...
  12. tale


    YME_NonFadeBGMforTitle - Feb 8, 2016 Creator name: Yumineko Overview When New Game is selected from the Title Screen it proceeds to the Map Scene without fading out the title music. Features - Title screen music goes uninterrupted when it goes to the map scene. - There's no plugin command. -...
  13. Title from Moghunter and Custom Res from ForeverZer0 doesn't work

    When I'm trying the script by Moghunter (Animated titlescreen) and foreverzer0's script (Custom resolution) doesn't works when I use them both, the problem is that the picture that works for the New Game, Load Game and Close Game called Com_01 Com_02 and Com_03 don't appear, is there anyway it...
  14. satellites

    Can I change the title screen and theme AGAIN?

    I wanted a way to be able to have two different title screens and themes for different parts of my game. The only other example I can recall of this being used in a finished game is in Mad Father, I can't remember exactly what causes the title screen to change but I do know it starts out...
  15. Haven Frost

    Animated Gif for title screen(RMVX)

    So I was wondering if  it was possible to change the title screen to a changing gif image instead of the normal image it allows you to use. thank you ahead of time.
  16. Iyu

    Animation after clicking star game or save game.

    Is there a way to have an animation right after I click the star new game or continue game instead of the fade out black? 
  17. Iyu

    Is there a way to make a title animated like the lionsgate intro?

    I am brand new to using the program RPG MV but I have watched some tutorials. A question I have and wonder about is if there are any ways to make my title screen be a gate, and then when the user clicks enter the music stops, the new game option and other options with the title of the game...
  18. Available Music Workshop

    Hey guys, Alright, I am fairly new to this site and have not realized that workshops such as this exist,so I'm willing to give it a shot! I was planning to polish my own style of music, but I figured it would be better to provide music to this wonderful community! Now for the fun...
  19. Milennin

    Request for an altered Title Screen Menu

    Hello, I would like to request a plugin for the RPG Maker MV title screen menu that does these 2 things: -Remove the Continue option. -Add an Exit Game option, which closes the game when selected. Image example (bad MS Paint edit ahead): This plugin will be used for my...
  20. BRITISHConnah

    Script to call a picture at title upon button?

    I want to make a small snippet of code to show a picture on the screen when you press one of the four buttons on the title screen. However, the script that is written does not run correctly. (Ignore the fact that it says extras, I haven't fixed that bit of code just yet.) This is the...

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