1. Titleset Help! (vx ace)

    i have a title set in my game but heres the thing. when i but down a table then it's deployed on problem! but when i put a item on it for example: Apple, or a sword. it when put in on my table the table disappears and the item is on the ground im not sure what i have to do in...
  2. (Help no longer needed! Thank you!) Requesting a title screen for my game!

    I have a title screen from another forum, which I was definitely NOT expecting, but really grateful regardless! I'll most likely be asking RubbyDukky for assistance elsewhere art-wise, so this was a productive topic even if I didn't get the title screen made from a user on this forum! Thanks to...
  3. oToToToToTo

    Playtest and Deployment Game Window Title Name

    Hello, I was wondering how do I change the window TITLE at the top (the browser window). Whenever I playtest it says "TEST GAME" because that was the old name of my game. Whenever I deploy the game to see if it changes after that, it puts it to "Project 5" which was the original name of my game...
  4. Imaginee

    Splash screen to custom Title screen

    Like the title suggests I'm currently having trouble transitioning the splash screen into the custom title screen I made. (Both are made using the HIME_PreTitleEvents plugin). The script for the splash screen is basically the same as the one shown here:  my problem is that Scene_Boot/...
  5. Eff-n-Geoff

    Controller not working on the title screen until you press B

    So there seems to be a little "bug" when your game loads up. If you're using a controller, you have to press B first before you can select an option from the main title menu. Does anyone know how to circumvent this?  Many thanks
  6. GoodSelf

    TitleScreen/Logo/Userbar Request

    Hello, and thanks for taking the time to check out my request! I'm looking for an artist to help create a Titlescreen for my game, a separate png of the logo, as well as a userbar for signatures. This is for a non-commercial game.  I am willing to pay $20.00 for all 3 resources, as well as...
  7. Ace VII

    Help with Title name :(

    So basically I'm in need of help on making a title name similar to this: The game title I have in mind is Ragnem Savior. I can provide the logo/crest if needed. If anyone would consider this, I'd be most grateful. Thank you~
  8. DK

    DKTools Skip Title Screen

    Title: Skip Title Screen Version: 1.3 Author: DK Site: DK Plugins Description: Allows you to skip the title screen and immediately start the game. Requirements and dependencies: Availability of working plugin DKTools version 0.99 or above Version of RPG Maker 1.5+ Supported languages...
  9. Mr. Trivel

    Simple Title Screen

    Author: Mr. Trivel Name: Simple Title Screen Created: 2016-03-14 Version: 1.1   What does it do? Changes title screen by making commands images and adding Press Start before command window appears.   Screenshots:   How to use? Title screen image...
  10. Chester

    Alt Menu Screen 3 From Kadokawa No Transparency?

    Hello, I am using the plugin Alt Menu Screen 3 from Kadokawa Plugins for MV. I am currently customizing my menu screen and in photoshop, some parts of my menu image is transparent but when I transfer it to the game using the plugin, the transparent parts of the image are black. So the...
  11. emilywake

    Title Screen Music

    Can anyone tell me how to change the music on the title screen?
  12. Ghost of Christmas Kloe

    Kloe's Super Simple Title Screen

    Kloe's Super Simple Title Screen by Kloe This is a user friendly script which is very straight forward and helps you customise your title screen with ease! Features You can customise the font size, outline size, outline colour and position (the x position doesn't work for some reason, if...
  13. Simplified Title Screen Request?

    Basically I just need the title-menu command window (with Continue, New Game, Quit) to be gone. Instead, I want to be able to just add "Press Enter" to my title's graphic myself and when the player presses Enter it does one of two things: 1.) If there's a save file available it goes to the...
  14. Movie in Title

    Just wondering if theres a way to put a video/animation in the title screen. (Using rpg maker mv)
  15. Dorona

    Game title suggestion

    Hello! :D I'm working on a steampunk fantasy game, in fact the main story is almost done, but I still can't think of a good title. Could someone please help me find inspiration? The game is set in a world where magic is dying out, and guns are starting to overtake other weapons. The plot...
  16. MeowFace

    Change Title Graphic based on Game Progress

    Made for a request here. This script is meant for games with only 1 save slot. It reads from the 1st save slot in the game to decide whether or not to change the title's graphic. Handy for those who wish to change their title graphic based on game progress the player is currently on. For...
  17. TetsuyaHikari

    How to make an event stop repeating after opening the Main Menu and starting a new game?

    Alright, so it seems someone encountered an exploit in my project recently and I was hoping someone could help me figure out exactly how to stop it. When you start a new game, you are given a short intro, then you take one step forward and you're allowed to create your characters. Once this...
  18. Iavra

    Iavra Video Title

    Description Allows you to play a video on the title screen. Author Iavra Parameters @param Video @desc Name of the video to be used. It has to be placed in the "movies" folder of your game. @default Video How to Use Specify the name of the video file in the...
  19. Torqus

    Load last game after Game Over

    Load last save after Gameover   This plugin is simple enough for anyone to understand, it just modifies the way the GameOver scene works. Originally when you lose you are sent to the title screen, I don't think that's something you really want for your game, I want my players to keep...
  20. Mr. Trivel

    Progress Title Screen

    Name: Progress Title Screen Version: 1.0 Author: Mr. Trivel Created: 2015-11-26   What does it do? Changes title screen image according to highest game progress among the savefiles.   Screenshots: Nothing to really show here.   How to use? Setup plugin Parameter - Image List - with...

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