1. EpimetheusGaming

    I need an artist for title screen.

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for any type of artist to make me a tiltle screen for my game TRoE (The Rise Of Epimetheus) Any type of help would be awesome. Thanks  :guffaw:   :rock-right:
  2. EternalShadow

    Graphics Ahoy!

    Arr, Captain! There be titles and gameovers for ye projects! Show 'em the pieces of eight we have aboard, and they'll surely turn ye plunder to somethin' grand!       Rules Updated: 7th Jan, 2015 - I reserve the right to refuse any request for...
  3. Milena

    Flexible Title Screen

    I would like to request an extensive kind of title screen using pictures. Remember the ones in Playstation where you have these simplistic title screen where you press start and then the menu comes in? I would like to have a similar script, if any kind scripters would place their time and...
  4. starlord

    Can you move the title menu?

    I've been wondering if I could move the title's x and y positions.. Is it possible? How?
  5. RadDevVan101

    Title Screen PLZ

    I wanted to make a game but with it I also wanted a tile screen... I made a image of how I wish for it too look THIS IMAGE IS NOT IN GAME AND IS JUST AN IMAGE I MADE TO SHOW WHAT I WANT IT TO LOOK LIKE AND NOTHING MORE Can anyone help me with this?
  6. The_Exiled_One

    Title Screen Wanted

    I'm looking for someone to be awesome enough to help make a title screen for my game that I can be proud of. HEADER TEXT: The Knights of Aurora SUBHEADER TEXT: オーロラの騎士 OTHER INFORMATION: A mixture of black and silver, as in white as the base color with black accenting it and an assortment of...
  7. zigzack54

    Already existing title screen script.

    I had a post earlier about a caterpillar script I was in search for and I was able to find it thanks to a kind member. I have not used RMXP for a long time and i am having trouble finding some old resources. I am now currently trying to remember a title screen script i used a while back. It...
  8. pakupirahna

    Scene_Title Line 142 Error

    I am new to RPG Maker XP, and I am having an issue. Normally, when I get to the title screen of my game, I am able to play. But for some reason, a new window comes up when I click "New Game" in the title screen. Help me please?
  9. Setheim

    Setheim's Identity Design Workshop

    Hello everyone, Status: Open Availability: 0/2 Spots Open - Starting new projects around Monday August 22 2014 - You can leave your request and will put you on the waiting line.  Waiting List (If you are NOT on the list it means I'm already working on your project): I have been working as...
  10. captainproton

    title screen art

    Right now I'm working with Moghunter's animated title script and am in the process of putting together my title screen art. Here's the trouble I'm running into: What sort of art looks better on a title screen? Do players like to see just scenery? The game's characters? Items or scenes from...
  11. isakbladh

    Recolor recuest!

    Someone that can make a recolor on any of those to dark red. Whould be awesome Only the text, numbers and dats! Screenshots: http://gyazo.com/6fa1162f9a00af88ff5dcd50256d8869 http://gyazo.com/e868749d1e8b7541a22b658046271d16 http://gyazo.com/f30c6ad6ae268a141fcd14113862c069...
  12. TheGreenHorse

    Tweaking your title screen

    I'm sorry if the post hadn't to be made here. Sorry, but I couldn't find another forum. This topic is made to guide you to tweak a few things of the Scene_Title module. It contains all information for the title screen except for the command window...
  13. looping title screen script. help needed please.

    After a very long morning trying to figure out how to do this on my own, I have finally given up and registered with your forum for some help. This is my first post, please be gentle. Ok, so what I have been working on is an animated title screen with a flashing "press start" that plays for 20...
  14. blubberblubb's Script Collection (Autoskip Title Screen, Remove Optimize Button, ..)

    Hi, I set up a little Collection of Scripts: http://www.ethaveon.de/rpgmaker/scripts (includes guide on how to add a script to your game) While creating my game I always come across little stuff I want to change for which I end up writing a small script. I try to make them all self-contained...
  15. mlogan

    (Ace) Help with title screen

    I am using Zerbu's title screen window option script to customize my title screen. I've got quite a bit of things working the way I want but there are a couple of small things that need to be tweaked. First, if I change the size of the font at all, the bottom of the letters are cut off. I need...
  16. captainproton

    game titles

    For my current game, I'm using the working title "The Book of 12 Stars." It's actually the title of an old Nanowrimo story of mine, though there is little similarity between the two. I'm having trouble coming up with a proper title for the game, an am hoping someone here could lend a brain...
  17. Custom Title Screen Help

    Hi, I'm trying to make a custom title.  So basically in this title, an invisible picture in the bottom center of the screen slowly ascends and stops at top center, slowly becoming visible. It would be nice if the screen could flash when the picture stops at the top as well. Please help me...
  18. Title Screen and/or Game Over Screen

    Greetings to those who might be interested.  I have an idea for a project I'd like to call Caeruleae Memoriae (literally Blue Memories from the Latin) as a relatively short first shot at using RPG Maker VX Ace.  I've done some research to find sound effects and music I'd like to use and have a...
  19. Ygdrassill

    Request for Title Screen for RPG Maker VXAce

    Hello all, I'm looking for someone who could help me or design a Title screen for my game. I am working with RPG Maker VXAce at the moment and one of the last things I need now is a title screen. Normally I like to make stuff myself but when it comes to drawing or anything of the sort I...
  20. Advanced title screen [XP] (foreverzer0)

    So I started using ForeverZer0's advanced title screen that let's you customize your title screen a bit more. And it works alright but the menu options (ie "New Game", "Continue", etc), get hidden behind my image after it fades in, and then you can't see the menu options anymore, and I don't...

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