1. ovate

    Kagetora - GameOver screens & Titles2 frames

    Terms of Use- Commercial use: OK Redistribution: OK Processing: OK Redistribution after processing: OK For RPG Maker MV credit: Kagetora Source (found on resource section) https://tm.lucky-duet.com/viewforum.php?f=11 Feel free to use these. -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_...
  2. Gabrepasta

    An Event that let's the players switch titles

    So here's the deal... The player is leveling up on a separate map, where you can choose between 3 different Power-Ups per level. These Power-Ups are "Strength", "Magic" and "Agility". Choose a power up and you get a buff on some stats and a variable will increase for that stat. Have the right...
  3. taarna23

    Taarna's backgrounds and related

    Yes, occasionally I make stuff. Mostly because I'm bored. So I figured I may as well share when this happens and maybe they're useful for someone. Some notes: Any source images I work with are CC0 - a highly permissive license and equivalent to Public Domain I don't always remember where stuff...
  4. tammie

    Thomas' VX/Ace Resources

    Thomas' VX/Ace Resources Hey! I'm going to start posting any VX/VX Ace resources I make here. This is a work in progress so far and will be updated often. I am only starting to make resources, so please, no criticism. :wink: All resources except for the charsets were made in GIMP. The battler...
  5. rek600

    Opacity for Tile sets?

    Hello everyone out there reading this post! I'm new to to the site and somewhat new to RPG maker VX Ace working on my first game. i wanted to do some experimenting, so my question is there anyway to change the opacity on titles, or anything really like NCPs in RPG Maker VX Ace, and if so how can...
  6. Rizzle

    Unable to Move

    So this is weird, and the first time its happened. I transfer a character to a new location/map, and I can't walk or move from the designated spot. I checked the passage and it says I should be able to walk on the tiles. What can I do?
  7. Wyrdist

    Title Artist Requested

    Hey kids. So I'm working on a project called "Alexandria" which can be found right hurr. Now of course, every not-creative game needs a title screen to go along with it. So, I'm requesting either an artist to design a logo for me (for free), or someone to redirect me to a Graphics Shop of some...
  8. Tsukihime

    How to Event your own Splash Screen

    In this tutorial I will show you a way to create your own splash screen using events. This allows you to create any kind of splash screen you want without having to figure out how to write a plugin for it. Here is an example of the splash screen I use for my videos, which I created using...
  9. Elfsong

    Elf's Titles and Logos

    Well hey everyone the topic title explains almost everything I make titles! (Title... I make titles... PUNS!!) I only do three requests at a time and you must follow the request form. Request Form Title: Name of the game Font: Describe what you want the font to look like or provide one :3...
  10. Dreamer

    Dreamer's Workshop! [Hiatus]

      Hey guys! Final exam week is coming and I'll be extremely busy studying, so I won't take any more requests for a while. I will keep doing the requests i've already got, but it may take a while. Thank you for your understanding! :)   Hi! I'm Dreamer, and I’m new here. I’ve been lurking the...
  11. David Bergström

    Graphic Artist / Designer for Title Screens and / or insets.

    Hi all! I'm a *reasonably* competent graphic designer who is open to taking requests for title screens for game ideas and projects. I'm capable with typography editing and design, and I am willing to make a few title screens for free for any projects and such that are in need.  I am open to...
  12. captainproton

    game titles

    For my current game, I'm using the working title "The Book of 12 Stars." It's actually the title of an old Nanowrimo story of mine, though there is little similarity between the two. I'm having trouble coming up with a proper title for the game, an am hoping someone here could lend a brain...
  13. blackmorning84

    Blackmorning Scripts

    Blackmorning Scripts Here are the scripts I made for RPG Maker VX Ace. They can all be found with full descriptions on my site. bmscripts.weebly.com Core Scripts (2) These are scripts that majorly impact the game and should to be placed towards the top regardless of where they are...
  14. Tales Titles System Script

    Hello! I'm looking for a basic script that allows me to add "titles" to my actors familiar to that of the Tales series. I would be nice if this script could also edit their stats, but that's not a necessity. Also, it needs to be compatible with Yanfly's Ace Engine. (Menu, Status, etc.) Just...

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