1. Patroso

    plugin problem: VisuMZ_0_CoreEngine.js does not work in my project

    plugi does not work propertly shows such an error and in the code such something can somehow fix it I care to make the titlescrean beautiful
  2. marino13

    Title Screen mechanics

    Hey all, I'm quite deep into an ambitious project I've been working on for the past 6 months and I'm close to demo release. I'm just curious on whether people have any experience with "playable" title screens. My title screen will be "playable" in a sense as a "meta" area to the game, without...
  3. can someone recommend any good and working custom title plugins

    i'm Very new to rpg maker and i'm currently working on a project, i'm focusing right now on making custom sprites and such, but i've been wanting to start working on the title screen i searched up youtube tutorials and all of them had plugins and such, but when i clicked on the link it sent me...
  4. ReeledTiedBTH

    Unlockable Title Selection Plugin?

    This is my first time using this site, I'm trying to get used to it so sorry if I'm not doing something right. Now onwards to the point of this thread. Is there a plugin or...anyway to make extra selections unlock in the title screen after you accomplish something or have unlocked it. I've...
  5. Fragarachu

    Title Screen Buttons Clickable by mouse?

    Hello, i want to make a RPG Maker VX Ace game that is different. First things first, the title screen. How do i make the buttons in the title screen, need mouse click than arrow keys and enter? What's the script for it? Sorry if there's something wrong in the post or my bad eng.
  6. Fragarachu

    Image before title screen?

    Hello, i don't want people that played my game (RPG Maker VXACE), don't know who the creator is. (maybe they're lazy too read before downloading the game) Anyway i want a image to pop up before the title screen. The screen is black, then fades in to a image... screen blacks out again... and...
  7. Self Switch title screen

    Can someone help me out. I want it so that after you press "new game" and transports you to the map, I need it to activate one Switch, to activate an event. Thats all.
  8. DeathByGames

    Custom Save & Title Pictures

    So I am working to make as unique of a title screen as I can. One problem that has occurred to me though, is the normal title screen option box. I have this relocated to a different side of the screen, but I would like it if it was without the window skin border. I would also love it if the "New...
  9. TriceratopsX

    Re-positioning Title screen commands?

    Hello~ I'm working on the titlescreen for my game and I ran into a problem, see I drew my own image in GIMP (using a map I created in RM as a base) and I'm using the HIME_PreTitleEvents plugin to event the titlescreen, however I'm running into a problem, as you can see in the provided pictures I...
  10. Haven Frost

    Animated Gif for title screen(RMVX)

    So I was wondering if  it was possible to change the title screen to a changing gif image instead of the normal image it allows you to use. thank you ahead of time.
  11. Funami Z

    Animated Title screen

    Hi, I'm new to rpg maker mv and I'm having trouble doing an animated title screen. I wanted to use this  it worked for me before but not anymore. I also tried  https://soulxregalia.wordpress.com/2016/02/05/rmv-title-screen-reiuji/ but I don't want it to go back to the...
  12. Kirby~

    'Controls' option on title screen?

    It's not as much wanting to display a 'Controls' option on my title screen of my game; it's more like being able to do this with anything. I have been looking for a script that does this and have found none. Is there one that will let you have custom options on the title screen and, let's...
  13. Dainiri.Art

    D'Art Title & Logo Workshop

      Terms of Use Strictly for non-commercial games only. Strictly for RPG Maker Engine use only. You must have license or permission to use all images and fonts in your request. I am not responsible for any damages, problems or any kind of conflict you made with your request.  Give proper credit...
  14. SilverDash

    Skip Title Screen

    Skip Title Screen v1.11 Author: Squirting Elephant Introduction Skips the title screen so you can debug & playtest your game faster. Features How to Use Plug & play. Script Download v1.11 Download Master Demo License: Public Domain or CC0. Do whatever you want. No credits required.
  15. Schlangan

    Simple Title shutdown command

    TitleShutdownCommand plugin Version : 1.00 Introduction This plugins adds a Shutdown command to the Title screen, for people who miss that functionality, and do not want to exit by ALT+F4 the game. How to Use Put the following code in a JS file named TitleShutdownCommand.js, that you...
  16. RadDevVan101

    Align the Title Screen Options to the Left [Solved]

    Hi, I'm trying to Align my text to the Left. I opened Scene_Title and changed the 1 at the end to 0, 2 and 3, and nothing happend, didn't even align to the right. So I need some help trying to move the options, thanks. And yes, I pressed Apply, i'm not that stupid. I'd also like to point out...
  17. TheLastPancake

    How does one make custom title screens?

    I'm looking to start creating unique title screens for each of my games, but currently I have no clue how to do that. I did some searching and found this "Quick Menu Builder"; honestly I don't think it will be much help without some clue as to how to use it. I'm just looking for some advice to...
  18. Jef299

    Title screen needed

    I need the title screen to my game. I know sometimes you guys are really nice and make them.. so could you PLEASE make me a title screen? :| Game name: Instructor Driller 3: Return of the Revenge Font: Military Theme: a steel logo above a house My first title I loved the most someone made...
  19. AceOfAces_Mod

    Upscaled Stock Battlebacks and Titlescreens [640x480]

    Download Now!(Rev. 0) What's this? This pack (with size of an almost whopping 50MB) includes all battlebacks and tittlescreens from the RTP, just upscaled to 640x480. Great for projects that have the afformentioned screen size. Preview(click for a larger view): Note: The battlebacks are...
  20. nio kasgami

    Forcing layer graphics via Hash

    Hi I work on a title screen and I wanted to know how I can exemple making  "Layers" in my title screen  In simple I want to offer to people to having a unlimeted amount of picture he can dispose in title screen the configuration I want to make is like this  Layers = {# layer number => [...

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