1. Mr. Bubble

    KMS Distribute Parameter

    KMS Distribute Parameter Script by Tomy http://ytomy.sakura.ne.jp/ Latest Version: 2012/08/05 Description This script gives players the power to determine how actors' stats are distributed in a game. This is one of TOMY's more popular scripts from VX now made for VX Ace. Please read the...
  2. Mr. Bubble

    KMS Skill Level

    KMS Skill Level Script by Tomy http://ytomy.sakura.ne.jp/ Latest Version: 2012/07/22 Description This script adds an open-ended skill proficiency value for actors and their skills. The use of skill proficiency values is left up to the developer. Skill experience points are gained by...
  3. Mr. Bubble

    KMS Mutable Effect

    KMS Mutable Effect Script by Tomy http://ytomy.sakura.ne.jp/ Latest Version: 2012/01/22 Description This is a simple script allows you to create skills and items that use the effects of other skills or items at a predefined chance. For example, the skill Fire can have a 10% chance to use...
  4. Mr. Bubble

    KMS Cursor Animation

    KMS Cursor Animation Script by Tomy http://ytomy.sakura.ne.jp/ Latest Version: 2012/02/19 Description Displays an animated cursor for menu selection windows. Latest Updates 2012/02/19 - Fixed the crash that happens when you go into Game End. Script KMS Cursor Animation...
  5. Mr. Bubble

    KMS Minimap

    KMS Minimap Script by tomy http://ytomy.sakura.ne.jp/ Latest Version: 2012/02/12 Description Create a passability minimap HUD. See screenshot for an example. (See post below this one for more info.) Latest Updates 2012-02-12: Issues with hiding the minimap have been addressed...
  6. Mr. Bubble

    KMS Generic Gauge

    KMS Generic Gauge Script by Tomy http://ytomy.sakura.ne.jp/ Latest Version: 2012/08/05 Description This script provides groundwork code for simple gauge graphics based off images placed in the Graphics/System folder. By default, this script provides gauges for HP, MP, TP, and EXP...

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Trying to get a skill to show text depending on enemy ID to show passives.
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The apostrophe in "Spirit's" ended the text eval... no wonder I kept getting unexpected input errors...I think I'm gonna cry.

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