1. Tonbi

    TF_BalloonEx.js Set the balloon location and animation to freely.

    TF_BalloonEx.js Tonbi@Tobishima-Factory Introduction Write the settings to each [Balloon ID] of the plug-in parameter "preset". * You can edit the settings for dx, dy, loops, speed, waitTime. * Summation of startPatterns, loopPatterns and endPatterns must under or equal 8. * For details...
  2. Tonbi

    TF_Undulation.js You can walk stairs smooth!

    TF_Undulation.js Tonbi@Tobishima-Factory Introduction Can walk tiles of different height naturally, such as stairs. Credits & Terms of Usage! (c) Tonbi@Tobishima-Factory Released under the MIT License. Download Features - You can up and down...
  3. Tonbi

    Tonbi's atelier

    Ohayo! Konnichiwa! Konbanwa! I would like to post a picture I drew recently and a drawing I will draw from now. Puck Succubus Werewolf Doppelganger Thank you for watching.
  4. Levolpehh

    Volpi's Variety Sprite Edits

    To start off I have a few edits I'd like to post to add some variety to your world. Tired of seeing the same 8 NPC's everywhere? Aren't we all! I've taken the liberty to recolor a few of @Tonbi 's beautifully edited RTP tall sprites using in game palettes used by other NPC's. Many of the NPC's I...
  5. Tonbi

    Tonbi's material factory

    Ohayo! Konnichiwa! Konbanwa! Provides tall size characters and interiors, Autotile templates...etcetera. 日本語のページは【画像素材】公式キャラ改変-三頭身キャラ です。 Credits & Terms of Usage! Free for commercial and non-Commercial use. You must have legally own an 'RPG Maker MV' license. You must not distribute this...
  6. Tonbi

    TF_LayeredMap.js You can walk around the tile!

    TF_LayeredMap.js Tonbi@Tobishima-Factory Introduction Can move tile front and back like fence. Ideal for using tall size characters such as 'Tonbi's material factory ' That's why? see this comment. Credits & Terms of Usage! (c) Tonbi@Tobishima-Factory Released under the MIT License...

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