1. guking

    RMMZ Gathering Tools like ABS

    Hello guys! I'm moving my project from ACE to MZ* and I'm missing somethings that I had for ACE already. I'm making a game focused in gathering resources and refining them. I have a ABS for ACE that has a "tool" feature, where I could use to gather items (ie. using a axe to cut wood or a pick...
  2. ratquaza

    RMST - Quickly create sprite sheets

    Hi everyone. Recently I came across an issue (maybe specific to me) where I had over 400 separate images and wanted to make "faces" images out of them for my game. Of course, this would take a long time to do by hand and so I decided to make RMFG. RPG Maker Faces Generator is a lightweight...
  3. A tool or plugin that displays event names in editor

    Hello so as I've been doing my game something I've found frustrating is that in the EDITOR there is no visual display of a name for an event. I know that the names appear way down at the bottom, but nothing on the event it self. I have a lot of events that handle background stuff and I've taken...
  4. ForestLogic

    What's the best way to go about making Zelda-esque tools/gears on the map?

    After a lot of searching, everytime I've seen this question come up, it's people looking to 100% replicate Zelda-style gameplay, and thus the answer was always to use QABS for it. However with me, I want to make use of Zelda's puzzle gameplay with stuff like shooting arrows at switches, using...
  5. Elliott404

    MV Tools worth?

    I'm not really asking about/for a specific tool, just a general question. After I've seen what some resources would/could offer, whether free or classifieds (or plugins even), some tools seemed like they have some use regardless. So, are MV Tools worth purchase? What can it do/make while some...
  6. pkessler

    Digging holes to find treasure

    I want to make a game that will heavily involve digging to find fossils and other ancient treasures. Is this possible in RPG Maker MV? I don't know anything about programming, but I've been using RPG Maker for 5+ years. I saw a tutorial on this, but it involved making a bunch of invisible...
  7. MikePjr

    Graphics pen monitor suggestions?

    Let me start off by saying that, i'm sorry if this is the wrong place to ask such a thing.. and I was a bit unsure.. But if this needs to be moved, please PM me and let me know where it gets moved to.. I lose track easily. I was wondering if anyone here does art and if so, do they use a...
  8. Dreamsavior

    RMMV Scrubber

    An utility to clean up RPG Maker MV unused resources. This tools is part of RMMV Toybox, a collection of tools for RPG Maker MV that developed by Dreamsavior. Hello fellow makers, I know we already had a nice deployment tools integrated along with recent updates of RPG Maker software. We...
  9. mystic0

    Tools for Starting a Serious Game Company

    I have compiled a list of software, utilities, and web sites for making an indie enterprise. The list is based on the startups I've been involved with, the most highly rated resource, and the most cost effective products to create the most valuable products and services available. There is a...
  10. cyanic

    Adding your own tools to RPG Maker MV

    You've seen that Sakan and Mado can be integrated directly into MV's Tools menu and main toolbar, but how would you do that for your own tools? This tutorial will introduce you to the tools system and teach you how to create your own tool entry. Requirements A tool (executable) to add, a text...
  11. HappyCrover

    Using equipment in the overworld

    Hello! If someone can help me with this it would be awesome: I have different "weapons" that can be equipped by the player. (Who am I kidding. They just farm tools lol) I have it where if you have the right tool equipped, you can interact with the corrosponding event. (Example, when Axe is...
  12. baufian

    usb drawing pad

    Hello there,  First off I want to apologize if I have this in the wrong area. I was just curious about if anyone uses drawing pads. I work with trackball, mouse and keyboard. I am looking to get one but have no clue where to begin. I have came across a few but they seem kinda small and...
  13. Haven Frost

    RPG Maker Helpful tools

    Hi, I was given a useful site that has loads of helpful stuff for XP, VX, VX Ace & MV. I do request you give the person and/or people that made these the credit for there work. Thank-you for your time everyone. vvv LINK vvv https://atelierrgss.wordpress.com/scripts/ ^^^ LINK ^^^
  14. beendfromendbe

    Any good tools for making assets?

    Hi, I'm new to the RPG Maker and this forum. I'm going to develop my first game and... I'm having a little problem... There's no asset packs or sprites in the shop that fit my game. I'm going to find some new tools that can be used in creating pixel-art-style sprites and there is no tool...
  15. DK

    [Library] DKTools

    Author: DK Version: Public 0.992 Beta Description: Powerful library for RPG Maker. Contains many tools for developing. Documentation: DKTools documentation Dependencies: RPG Maker MV 1.5+ and lodash.js (https://lodash.com/) Installation: Copy lodash.js to the js/libs/ of your project Copy...
  16. GoodSelf

    Survival Island Collection (Ideas and Resources)

    Hello all, I'm toying with an idea for a new kind of survival island game, and I'm making this topic to collect information on the following:      List of raw resources you can find (wood, ore, stone, herbs, etc)      Crafting recipes (for example, 3x stone and 3x wood makes 1 Wooden Pick)...
  17. HalcyonDaze

    Dungeon Tools?

    Am I the only one that thinks something like this would be a great addition to MV's plug-in catalog? There may already be something out that is capable of something similar if you rig it correctly, but something like Casper's Dungeon Tools script for Ace would make creating simple dungeon...
  18. RyanBram

    Image Resizer (Specially for Upscaling Pixel Art)

    Introducing Image Resizer credits : Hawkynt   1. Description Image resizer is a free software designed for resizing image especially for upscaling low res pixel art image multiple times. This software contains many pixel art scaling algorithm that only can be found in video game emulators as...
  19. Kevin O'Ryan


  20. Kevin O'Ryan

    The Hidden Village - Chapter 1 (Massive Update Coming!)

      Non-Commercial game created by TKZ Productions!   A huge update is coming with bug fixes, longer story and improved scripting and graphics!   The Hidden Village is a Mystery, Puzzle Solving game! Hidden Village is a game where you find yourself lost in the frozen Maine...

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