1. gothicvoid

    [MV] Simple Radius effect Dimming Flashlight and Batteries

    Simple Radius effect Dimming Flashlight and Batteries So some will find this trivial, but thought I'd post to help out the newer members. I'm a novice myself with eventing but this works, so if you see something that might work nicer and cleaner... please feel free to add in some screenshots to...
  2. LoserLumaSil

    Torch Light Doodad

    Just a simple torchlight for Yanfly's Doodad Plugin. Simply save it in the light/animated folder with the name "torchlight[4x1]" and it'll show up as an animated light. By default it's orange. Feel free to change the color to match whatever light it's supposed to be for in your game. Change the...
  3. KChasm

    [Ace] Looking for certain torch/candle RTP-style sprites.

    Resource Type: Sprite Maker Format: Ace Art Style: Ace RTP Description: I'm making a dungeon set in an underground cavern and am looking for some sprites to use. Does anyone know where I can find a good sprite of either: An old-style, wall-set torch, OR A lit candle/group of candles (no...
  4. GBJackson

    Tutorial 4 - Burning Bushes

    Prerequisites: Tutorials 2 and 3 NO plugins required In this tutorial, we create a torch and a burnable bush which hides the entrance to an underground cave. I am using a better headset for recording, so audio quality should be improved. Any issues, questions, or general comments, please post...
  5. The Working Man

    How to create a flashlight using terrax lighting

    Hi I am creating a survival horror in MV and I can't seem to wrap my head around making a flashlight sort of effect (a cone of light that shines in front of the player) using the terrax mapping plugin, in the help it says to use 'Flashlight on 8 12 #FFFFFF 3' I've tried pasting that code...
  6. Mesajia

    MV Standing Torches

    Hey everybody, I'm looking for some standing torches for an evening scene at the docks. I'm not a good pixler so I hope, that someone do that for me. They don't have to glow - that's something I can do by my own. But if you have a special look in your mind, please feel free to do that. It would...
  7. XTheRedZombieX

    *SOLVED*Is there a torch effect? Or a plugin that gives you a flashlight?

    Hello there, before we start I am pretty sure 100% I placed this form in the wrong section(I'm sorry I am new to this xD)   Anyways, So I have done a day and night cycle in game and I was wondering if you were able to use a flashlight to give the circle to make the area around you look...
  8. nio kasgami

    Torch people sprite

    Hellow I would love if people can make a edit of the rtp sprite (people section) I don't bother of wich one until this a a peopleX one Obviously this from Ace so in simple I want the sprite to have like if he have a torch or a lantern in is hand I just want 3 or four sprite different (again...
  9. [RMXP] Item-Based Flashlight System

    This tutorial is how to make an item-based flashlight system, which allows the player to toggle the flashlight on and off from the item menu. No scripts. No huge amounts of parallel process events on each map. All common events. In order to start the tutorial, you need to download the two (2)...
  10. my few sprite edits

    ZERO IMPACT!~ since i couldnt find anywhere kakugo, ive decided to edit my own, for my project. he doesnt have star, because i couldnt sprite it good enough in this scale, so i decided to leave him like this. i don't  own kakugo no susume, he is property of Takayuki Yamaguchi \m/ and this...
  11. "Torch Effect" picture not covering entire screen

    I'm trying to create a torchlight effect using a "Show Picture" event centered on the player's coordinates. I've got it 90% of the way there - it displays the "torch effect" picture and the picture follows the player as I want it to - but it doesn't extend to the very top of the screen. I've...
  12. Dragon Warrior Radiance Spell Effect

    Hi, I've tried and failed several times now to recreate the "Radiance" Spell and Torch effect in Dragon Warrior 1, is it possible to make a picture follow the character, I have a black picture with a transparent center, theoretically it should work, and it does as long as I do not move, but I...

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