1. chawksworth

    Legal Questions Regarding Commercial Deployment

    So, these are questions regarding commercial deployment and/or distribution of a game once it is completed.  RPG Maker MV is the version that I am using just as an FYI. I didn't see anything in the ToS or EULA expressly forbidding these two things in particular, and they both seem to fall...
  2. Marquise*

    Translated Terms of Usage of French blogs

    Hullo, I've been typing about that since a long while now and I thought this was it! A bit in homage to @slimmmeiske2's work on her Translated Terms of Usage of Japanese blogs and seeing that Nio Kasgami seemed to had found of our resources posted without permission on French sites and...
  3. Kes

    Anyone know this guy's TOS?

    I have looked over Bluestar's blog and cannot see where the terms of use are. Does anyone know what they are? The site is here <link removed> Thanks.
  4. Kes

    Venere & Marte - how to contact?

    I have been wanting to use some of Venere & Marte's resources for a while now, but in order to do so in a commercial game, I need to ask their permission.  It's in their terms. However, their site has gone.  So does anyone have an email address or some other way of contacting them? Thank you.
  5. slimmmeiske2

    Translated Terms of Usage of Japanese blogs

    From time to time, topics show up asking if this Japanese site states that their resources can be used commercially, or they're looking for the author's name, so they can credit them properly. However, sometimes their terms are complex enough that google translate isn't able to do his job...

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