touch the stars

  1. Finnuval

    Special Thanks

    So with my entry for the "Touch the Stars" gamejam alsmost complete I want to take a moment and openly thank and celebrate 3 ppl - and members of this forum - as they so rightly deserve. First of all my thanks go to @spillycup who was so generous and kind as to make nearly all the music tracks...
  2. Finnuval

    [Touch The Stars] Sprite Edit

    Hey there all :) I have entered the GameJam and all is going well except for 1 little thing... I can't find the correct clothes for my protag! If anyone would be so kind as to edit him that would be HUGELY appreciated :) This is the base character made in MZ generator and I need him in...
  3. Finnuval

    RMMZ [Touch The Stars] Looking for Composer

    Hey there everyone :) So I decided to enter this gamejam for a change and progress on my little game is going nicely. However the one thing I am sorely lacking is good music and some soundbites. Synopsis : As it is an entry into the gamejam i'm not going to give to much away but this is the...
  4. Gabrelik

    FREE [Touch the Stars] Looking for artist and composer

    Hello all you happy makers! @hiddenone and I are looking for an artist and composer to flesh out a full team to take on this awesome new game jam! We have a story concept in place and are ready to get going, but we still need to figure out the style we would like to use, etc. Also looking for a...

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