1. tale

    Picture Button, Don't Touch Region [system related]

    Picture Button - 2015/11/05 (Ver1.02) Creator name: tomoaky ( Overview Start a common event by touch (mouse click) on the picture Requires the use of Show Picture event. Be sure set something up for specified common event Features: A picture that contains the...
  2. Parallax Panda

    Is there a solution for "Event touching other Event"?

    I know there's no standard trigger for this (unfortunately, there really should be), but I'm wondering i there is some solution to it besides making a new custom plugin (I don't have the skills to do that). If one already exists that I have missed, please do tell. Otherwise, is there maybe some...
  3. tale

    Touch Target Select (touch compatibility)

    MPP_TouchTargetSelect - 2020/03/08 (ver. 1.9) Creator name: Mokusei Penguin Overview Select characters by touch in battle target selection. Features - Character/ enemy selection with touch control - Parameter for cursor position adjustment - Control the speed for rotation/ animation width -...
  4. tale

    Simple Item Screen

    MPP_SimpleItemWindows - 2019/01/25 (ver. 1.2) Creator name: Mokusei Penguin Overview Simplifies item screen and the shop sell screen. Features - Page Up/ Page Down key (Q/W key) changes the category. - For touch control- works by touching the category window. Screen Note: Items command...
  5. Maldra

    Passive Enemies on Water

    Hey all. Hoping someone can help me out with this.. I am trying to make some passive enemies on the water (jellyfish etc) so they wouldn't attack you unless you touch them. However, I also want them to move around. I tried a few different things but nothing seems to work. I tried doing a...
  6. Neo_Kum0rius_6000

    Move Route And Event Touch???

    So I was making my game and you can hit a button to make the character dash using a move route. the dash is supposed to be able to break blocks. Like I wan't to know if theres a way to activate a if "touching event" trigger while the player is touching it in a move route... NOTE: this event...
  7. EmmaB

    [RMMV] Event Touch Script Call

    Hi everyone, I have been trying to make a rabbit survival game, but have come across a problem. I am trying to make an animal that chases the player when the player gets too near it, and then stops chasing the player if it is too far away. I figured out how to do that, but I can't make it that...
  8. BlackLiquidSorrow

    Problem with event priority

    Okay so I made an elevator event and it works perfectly. However when I copied it over to another map one part of the event doesn't work. What's supposed to happen is that the player presses a button, gets in the elevator, and then the elevator automatically closes. But whenever I try to get in...
  9. Android Touch Problem

    Hi all, i'm having a strange issue on my android phone. Everything in the game work just fine, i've made an apk for testing with cordova. The only real problem i'm having is with the touch, when i go in the option section at the starting screen, and i touch any options, for the first touch there...
  10. Pine Towers

    Interacting with traps (On Touch vs Action Button)

    Hi there, guys! I'm with a problem here: I want my players able to deal with traps instead of just avoiding (or activating) them. The adventurer's party is running down the corridor to the treasure room after dealing with the undead that infested this old crypt. Paying attention to the...
  11. Jenovation

    Experiencing a bug with Touch Events since v1.3.0

    Hi, I've been experiencing an occasional bug/glitch every since RMMV 1.3 and up. Sometimes when the player moves onto a Touch Event, the event does not start immediately, sometimes allowing the player to even move past the event. For example, the player will step on a Transfer event but...
  12. luiscesjr

    Simple Sequence Mini Game

    HI everyone!  I would like to ask for a mini game, where the player have to touch a sequence of symbols to pass it. Something like, you give the player 5 clickables icons, and the sequence you need it to be pressed with mouse click, touch action (So it can be used on mobile aswell). There...
  13. KanaX

    Yanfly's Picture Common Events Touch Trigger ?

    According to the plugin's description, one of the triggers I could choose from is "touching" the selected picture with my cursor, no clicks, or click combination. However, after checking the instructions and downloading the plugin itself, I can only find triggers/parameters that have to do with...
  14. Potreen

    Event towards player, activate on player touch

    I have an event with 'through' moving towards player with activate on touch. It's also set to 'faster' speed and 'higher' freq. But often the player can move a direction away from it, or stand still and the event won't trigger, just stay right behind the player. It's like it follows the...
  15. Z_Core: Game & JavaScript Utilities for Devs

    Note: I'm a member of other RPG Maker MV forums so this is largely copy/pasted from my first time posting it. I usually choose the same username so it's pretty obvious.  Preface: Plugins and scripting are what I like best about RMMV so here I'd like to share my core plugin. This plugin...
  16. Quxios

    Quasi Quick Touch

    [Quasi] Quick Touch MV by Quasi About: Modifies the Selection Window so items get selected / are highlighted, when the mouse is over them. Since they are selected when the mouse is over them you only need to single click on them to activate instead of double clicking. Example Video...
  17. bluebooth

    Multi-Touch Core Support

    Multi-Touch 1.02 Author: Michael Morris @Blue Booth Studios Introduction Separates out multi-touch core support from Map Controls, to facilitate further growth of the plugin, and allows for potential incorporation into core upgrades.  Includes swipe gesture support. Features...
  18. Turn Off Mouse/Touch Controls for RMMV

    Hello, I'm new to RPG Maker, and while playtesting my game I noticed the touch/mouse controls to move your player. I wanting to ask how do you remove those controls and just keep the plain keyboard controls?
  19. ct_bolt

    Events Touching Trigger v3.20

    Event Trigger Current Version: v3.20 Introduction: Ever wanted events to "touch" each other, well now you can! Couldn't really find a way to do this in RMMV so I decided to write a plugin. Features: Run common events for when events touch each other. :cutesmile: How to Use: Setup the...
  20. Lakaroth

    Change destination marker (sample provide)

    Hello there, i'm wondering if there's a way to change the default destination marker. I mean... This flashing square... Is possible change maybe with a circle, or change color, or use an image icon? Thanks

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