1. Pako

    RMMV Card Master

  2. JohnDoeNews

    RMMV On Board: Life is Random (Board game, HTML5)

    What is the set up of the scene? It's random... Which characters do you meet in your scenes? It's random... What is are the locations of your scenes? Totally random. Do they play in order? Nope, all random. How about weapons? Random! Armor? Random! Vendors? Random! Ha, so you can...
  3. jerseyware

    Anyone watching EVO 2017?

    Currently swapping between Injustice 2 and BlazBlue Central Fiction, waiting for GGXrd2 Top 8s to start. Anyone else watching this goodness?
  4. BlackRoseMii

    Requesting a tournament system

    I wanted to make a tournament feature for my game and making it is beyond my ability of eventing. So I thought, maybe there's a script for that? And if not, maybe it's possible to make one? This is the basic idea: There are three categories to enter in: -Single battle (one party member will...
  5. Kaiju Master

    Tournament of the Ages

    Tournament of the Ages is my first finished game. It is very simply an idea on an rpg tournament, you have no real storyline to it, you are entered into a tournament and you must run through a chain of battles. You begin the game at level 49 to give you some help but as you progress in the...

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