1. TheFe91

    Events seeing behind walls

    Hi everyone! I have an event that triggers when it sees my player (= when the event is facing the player). I am using the "Facing_Towards_Player_Conditional" plugin. This works pretty well, but the problem is that the event triggers even if there is a wall between the event and the player...
  2. Potreen

    Event towards player, activate on player touch

    I have an event with 'through' moving towards player with activate on touch. It's also set to 'faster' speed and 'higher' freq. But often the player can move a direction away from it, or stand still and the event won't trigger, just stay right behind the player. It's like it follows the...
  3. how to make something move towards you?

    Hi, does anyone know how to make an event move towards the player? i feel like this is obvious but i'm not sure

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