tower defence

  1. Drekex

    Having trouble setting a temporary stop or slowing enemy movement in my Tower Defence.

    How it works with Galv’s projectile script, is that when an event with the projEffect comment is hit, the event set in the projectile movement route script is triggered. I tried to use a normal movement route, but when a different speed is triggered by an outside event, it breaks the intended...
  2. Ryoku

    A night in Tommy's room

    Hi everybody!!! I'm an italian developer. I don't speak english well , but I'm studying it. I present to you my little project:   1) Introduction "A night in Tommy's room" is a small "Tower Defence". You are Tommy's guardian angel and you must protect him from the monsters' attack. This game...

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Timed and graded. What will you do to maintain A or even S rank battles?

after 6 years of working on my project on and off, i've reached a semi-presentable point and now i can forget about it for the rest of the year. thanks for all the help!
see you guys next year :kaohi:
Hearing or saying ''Wife'' and/or ''Husband'' makes the persons involved sound so old, but they could literally be like 18 xD
Because The Fury from Metal Gear Solid 3 is one of my favorite bosses of all time, I felt the need to make a somewhat similar boss for my own game. taking cues from both the Fury and another awesome astronaut boss, Captain Vladimir from No More Heroes 2.

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