1. Black Pagan

    How many Floors do you prefer for a D&D Styled Tower Climb - Mini Game ?

    Just want to know your opinion :blink:
  2. Tw0Face

    RMVXA Towerø

    You are some kind of demon who has to escape from a tower. That's all you need to know. The gameplay is about solving different puzzles in order to proceed to the next floor. The goal is to reach the top floor. There is no need to save the game manually as the game offers an automatic save...
  3. l3m35

    About Outside C tiles and castles

    Can somebody show me how to use this part of Outside C tileset? I know it's part of the Round Tower of snow-covered castles, but I didn't get the point on how to apply it. I'm having some problem to build north towers, too. Any showcase of default castles around?
  4. XGuarden

    Tower that shoot player

    I need your help on this one. I see a lot of way for doing it. First I didt want parallele process. But I got a common event called each time player move. So code can go there. I look for the most speed optimized solution. Basicly what its need to do. If player pass in the same row or columb...
  5. GoodSelf

    Puzzle Tower: Legends V0.1 [Demo]

    Puzzle Tower: Legends is going to be rebranded, and remade. The demo below is the first and last version if this game. I look forward to sharing the new update with you! By GoodSelf || Alpha Version 0.1 Average Demo Playtime: 5m-10m What is Puzzle Tower: Legends...
  6. MeowFace

    Medic Medic

    Game Title: Medic Medic Genre: Strategy/Puzzle Introduction: This is a strategy-like game yet different from your normal strategy game. You play the game as a healer, trying to keep your soldiers alive while on the other hand, trying to manipulate the game battle flow using blocks or fire...
  7. Alkorri

    Anyone know of any huge Castle Tower tiles?

    Hi there, everyone. I've been googling and searching through the forums for a while, but I can't seem to find any large exterior tower tiles for Ace. I'm not talking about the two-tile wide towers like in RTP, I was hoping for monster towers with really wide circumference. Something like this...
  8. Leumas

    Mobile Gaming

    Hey, so lately I've grown more and more addicted to mobile gaming (probably because I just got my first ever phone, like, a month ago) and I was wondering if anyone else loves mobile gaming as much as me... Yeah there's Angry Birds and such that are good, but I like a lot of tower defense games...

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