1. Nightblade50

    What makes a good NPC?

    Hi When making towns and such in games, what is it that makes the NPCs interesting to talk to and more like a person than a piece of scenery?
  2. remainderstudios

    RMVXA The Town of The Lost Witch - Horror - [Download Now]

    Download: https://mega.nz/#!9ZRhjCbL!8HpvPhyRNqJznBZYF3gbFC1GTa2vVT0_K_Jvyfaj39I TECHNICAL INFORMATION: PLOT SCREENSHOTS: FEATURES CONTACT US: remainderstudios@gmail.com
  3. tale

    com_sho Rural Town Tileset

    With permission from コミュ将 (comshou), I'm reposting tilesets image here. Tileset of a rural town that has an idyllic atmosphere. A depiction of a rustic life, unlike the urban house. Preview- Tileset- Ruralhouse Ruraltile Ruralwall1 Terms: - You can use this however you like...
  4. Conditional Towns

    Is there a way for a player to create a town? For instance, I would like for one of the towns to be destroyed. However, through the quest and revisiting this town, the player can rebuild the town. Are there ways to choose which buildings go where and how each buildings' inside map will be...
  5. Kip

    Mouse house/village Tileset for MV

    Hello there all you wonderful sprite artists out there! Today I have a delightfully whimsical request for you all! I am currently creating a small village that is populated entirely by mice. Imagine that you are walking through your home when you notice a small crack in your wall. If you place...
  6. EstevaoG

    RMMV The Stranger's Town (Demo Available)

    The Stranger's Town is an action-rpg game about the Dreams World. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- You control an little Dream Explorer boy called Rob in one of his adventures fighting the Nightmares. As the game move on, the player starts to get new...
  7. Making teleport item that checks for visited towns?

    Hi, here is how the item works. As you explore the game, entering any town activates a switch for that town.  This allows you to view that town's name as a teleport option via use of a teleport item. If you have towns A, B, C.  You can visit them in any order, but you can't teleport to any...
  8. JinKuze

    Developing a guild?

    Okay, so I've been thinking recently about making a project revolving around the player developing their own guild along with recruiting guild members. Either way, let's say you start and the player decides, "I should make a guild! The greatest guild ever!" (I know, so good.) So you create...
  9. SlySlySly

    Medieval Music

    Hello! I have a medieval town in my game and none of the default music really fits. Neither does any of the hidden-ish music dmmv comes with. I was hoping someone could point me to some lively medieval sounding music. Preferably free to use.  (ps. i hope this is in the right forum, if it...
  10. Onomotopoeia

    Crafting Categories/Ideas, and What's in the Town?

    While looking into Vlue's Advanced Recipe Crafting script, specifically the crafting categories, a stray memory happened to pop into place. Sometime just after the Y2K rollover, while looking around the 'net for game-making tutorials, I came across a gamedev.net article which listed some things...
  11. Town maps like Bravely Default.

    Hello, I just recently got rpg maker vx ace and as I was working on game I have planned, I wondered if there was a way to make the town maps like in the game Bravely default? The maps are all hand drawn with specifics parts where you can move in. Is it possible? would it be very diffcult? Also...
  12. Golden Fish Entertainment

    Town Builder Script?

    At the risk of having people "keep it real" with us, is there a script for a town building mini-game floating around out there for commercial use (paid or otherwise)? Thanks.
  13. Matseb2611

    Revisiting a Town

    This is something I got thinking about today and I am not sure if this topic has been done before, but here goes. When playing an RPG and you have to return to/revisit a town that you've been in already earlier in the game, how much of it do you prefer would change by the time you've revisited...
  14. Kaimi

    Winter Town Tiles

    I am currently searching for winter town tiles for my game and with little success. From what I stumbled upon the internet, are winter edits of Mack's tileset and not much anything else. If you have any winter town tiles, please share. I use RPG Maker VX and I hope for tiles which don't clash...
  15. gvduck10

    My current idea - just looking for feedback

    My current idea is for a small town, somewhat open-ended, dating sim RPG. Listed below are some of the main features I plan to incorporate. As this project is in the very earliest stages, I am just looking for feedback/interest at this time. Features You call those stats? As the game will...
  16. Shinma

    Town Design & Structure

    So today I was wanting to start work on a town in my game and suddenly, I drew a blank. I've made several towns before, but this one just had the slate cleaned. This got me to thinking, how does everyone draw inspiration for their town besigns? I myself have done a few methods. I sometimes look...
  17. Necromus

    Town mapping - proportions

    Hi folks. How should a town/village look like for you? Bigger "realistic" houses or small ones that look like old NES days? I'm always confused on how to really go for a town map, since i'm always using big houses, big doors and the like, even tho a lot of people seem to do it otherwise...

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