1. marbeltoast

    Is there a TP/MP display controller plugin?

    I recall playing Lisa: the painful and seeing that, of the many different party members, some had MP displayed, but not TP, and some TP but not MP, and what have you. Was this achieved by a plugin, and if so, which one? If this was not, is there regardless a plugin that could achieve similar...
  2. Plugin to make only specific actors able to Have TP.

    I seriously never use forumns so if this in the wrong place or something, I apologize. My goal here is to only make specific characters have a TP gauge. This may already be done but from what I can tell it's not in Visual Stella's core. If someone can either help me do this or point to me to...
  3. Brellelasouls

    Changing The TP Bar To Act Like The MP Bar

    Hi, so I know a version of this question has been posted before but mine is different than those posts. I searched for the answer before making this post. I hope I put it in the right discussion. So I want to have a Magicka Bar and a Stamina Bar. Both act the same way basically. I want some...
  4. TP Rework

    I’ve attempted to search for similar requests and I can’t find anything. Hopefully this hasn’t already been requested since I don’t see anything similar in the master plugin list. Before I start, I have no scripting knowledge and am only going on my current understanding and the idea for what I...
  5. Panda_Artist

    Play message + SE on Battle Log when TP Reaches MAX

    Good Morning / Day / Afternoon / Evening everyone. Once again, pardon the annoyance, but I could really use some help. I have programmed that the max TP for every character is 100 in my game using a limit break script, once it reaches 100 the command LIMIT replaces attack. I am using...
  6. Using the TP Bar in an Unconventional Manner

    Greetings, I have encountered some difficulty when attempting to change how TP operates in my project. Essentially, I'm trying to make it work backwards, in a functional sense. In my concept, Characters want to ensure that their TP bar is always at a low-mid range level at most and not at a...
  7. Making a class/actor's TP gauge start empty and fill as they attack and are attacked?

    I'm making a dungeon crawler to help learn the program before tackling bigger projects and I have only 4 characters, each is set to their own class. One of the characters/classes is like a berserker and I was wondering if it's possible to set that one's TP gauge to empty and to increase by X...
  8. Brellelasouls

    Turn off TP Regen

    So I have a question! I want to make a SP(stamina) bar in place of the TP bar. I already figured out how to make the TP start maxed out. My issue is I don't want it to regenerate. I want it to basically act the same as the MP bar. I figured I could use Yanfly's Extra Parameter Formula but I...
  9. AceOfAces_Mod

    TP and Buff display broken...

    After I set up Luna Engine's battle components, both the TP and Buff Display get broken. I have placed the scripts as shown in DoubleX's CATB demo, but it still doesn't fix it. Demo link: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AowFk9JrOHXgh_hKPnfIabe4gFes1g
  10. [RMMV] Remove Hp, Mp and Tp bar

    Hi :), I would like to remove all the three bars from the menu as my game doesn't use it. How do it remove them from the menu? Thank you very much.
  11. [RMMV] Remove Hp, Mp and Tp bar

    Hi :), I would like to remove all the three bars from the menu as my game doesn't use it. How do it remove them from the menu? Thank you very much.
  12. digger6

    Yanfly: Hiding both TP and MP Menu Bars

    Hello, I recently upgraded to MV and started a new project. Is there any way you can hide both mana and tp bars for specific heroes that doesn't use them? I have tried to insert if actor.clasId != 21 at the end of  this.drawActorMp(actor, x2, y + lineHeight * 2, width2); (1373)...
  13. SumRndmDde

    TP Upgrade [v3.02] (Max TP Rate, Initial Battle TP, TP Cost/Gain, TP Damage, and more!)

    TP Upgrade Version 3.02 by SumRndmDde         What This Plugin Does: Currently, TP is restricted to having a specific Max and Initial value, along with being forced to have specific mechanics built into it. This Plugin allows you to change all of this...
  14. wrigty12

    Request: Party Member 1's TP Bar - Vertical and along the side in battle

    I have this vision in my head of having the 1st actor in the battle party's TP Gauge to be located vertically along the right side of the screen. I imagine it larger, with the numbers on the bottom. I would make it myself (and I attempted, but failed) but I do not know much about JavaScript. It...
  15. S.Court

    Show TP bar if actor has X skill

    Hello, I'd like a script to make the TP bar is displayed once the actor has certain skill learned, it's a different skill for certain actor, using a notetag is possible And you might ask why not making a skill which cost TP to display the TP bar... Well, I made a skill with no TP cost, but I...

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