1. asanogaijin

    Question - reducing TP (enemy skill)

    Hi! Does anyone know how to make an enemy skill reduce the target (=player character targeted by the enemy) lose a certain amount of TP? I am using Yanfly's TP Manager plugin so I have a way to reduce TP by being attacked in general, but I'd like to craft a skill for enemies that for example...
  2. Reworking the TP system?

    I'm trying to change basically the entire base of the TP system and I'm having issues in getting it to work. Essentially I want the TP to increase when the player is damaged equal to the amount of damage that the player took, and no other way. Is there an easy way to achieve this or should I...
  3. El_Mega

    How strong should a Level 1 to 3 character be?

    Hi, I would like to know how strong should a level 1 to 3 player be as in HP or TP be? Thanks!
  4. Using the TP Bar in an Unconventional Manner

    Greetings, I have encountered some difficulty when attempting to change how TP operates in my project. Essentially, I'm trying to make it work backwards, in a functional sense. In my concept, Characters want to ensure that their TP bar is always at a low-mid range level at most and not at a...
  5. Sales_Kital

    how to disable/enable TP during gameplay

    I want to change TP to be a more lore friendly system, however to do that I need to have it so only certain actors have TP enabled, while others don't. I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to do this in the default program, or if I would need a plugin for this specific task.
  6. S.Court

    [VX Ace] Changing TP charge by damage formula

    Hello. I'd like to change TP charge formula when target receives damage. The idea is basically the same, but adding LUK to the formula. For example, if the user has 20 of LUK, the TP gained would be a 20% of the original formula. Does someone know how to change this? Thank you
  7. Make a ability require a certain amount of TP to cast, but not consume it.

    Confusing I guess lol, but basically I'm trying to recreate World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Demonology warlock style. I want to be able to: 1) Go into Metamorphosis based on either 25, 50, 75 or 100 TP. 2) Make it so when you enter Metamorphosis it doesn't consume all the TP to enter it...
  8. RetroBoy

    TP Gain Tags [Passive State(s)]

    Hello, I would like a plugin that allows me to set a type to a class, for example: <Power> And set the same on a Skill in the Note Box. Then, if the Actor (or Enemy) uses a Skill of the coresponding note (in this example: <Power>) they raise their TP by 1 or 2 (being able to set the number...
  9. Gredd18

    Yanfly Enchanced TP Formulas

    So, using Yanfly's Enhanced TP Formulas, I want to create a TP Mode where you gain TP for healing and dealing damage, but lose it for taking damage. At the moment, I'm really confused as to how the formulas work, and outright don't understand. I'm scared to experiment lest I mess something...
  10. Milennin

    Visual enemy TP gauge

    I'm looking for a plugin similar to Yanfly's Visual Enemy HP Gauges, but for enemy TP instead. It would be great if it was compatible with the visual HP gauge plugin.
  11. Myers & Sparks

    Checking TP as a condition.

    Hello all! I am writing today with one simple question.... How the hell can I check TP as a condition. Either via script call, plug-in, or etc? The reason being, I am working on an Action RPG, and need to check for TP for skills. I.E If player tp >5 blah blah blah If player tp<1...
  12. Skills costs 1 TP, but want to reset TP to 0 after use

    It's probably something simple that I am missing as always...but I am looking to let the actor use a skill for 1 TP, but it will then reset their TP to 0 after it executes. The idea is to convert all TP to Health. I do have it working except it is only dropping their TP by 1(of course). I saw an...
  13. Dragonarkon

    [SOLVED][RMMV] Help wanted for creating states based on remaining HP, MP, and TP

    Summary: I am looking to create states that will procure when Hit Points, Magic Points, and Technical Points reach certain levels for both actors and enemies in the hope of creating a type of juggling act for players as they have to watch and maintain a balance between each. If any one of these...
  14. Nirwanda

    Lose tp item

    I'm using tp as a tiredness meter in my game. So, I'd like to create an item (I mean, like a potion or something) that actually lowers the user's tp, but that's impossible in the editor. I was wondering if there was a scripty way of doing this. Thanks! :)
  15. Bellfoi

    Help: Permanent TP

    Hi guys, I'm trying to set an actor's skill type to TP permanently. As in - no MP whatsoever. Just TP (like how some of the characters in Lisa: The Painful only use TP.) I cannot find out how to set this though - anyone know? Thanks!
  16. Tailson

    Requesting some help with a skill cost script

    Hi, first post on the forum, I'm sorry it comes off as one of those whiny help me threads, but I'm a little bit stumped. I 'borrowed' a script from @mrcopra last night, to get some skills costing gold (thanks!) but I've run into a little issue with it and I don't know enough about javascript to...
  17. Lunarcomplex

    How do you reference an actor's TP value?

    There doesn't seem to be a way to set a variable to an actor's TP value. I would like to force an action for an actor based on when the actor's TP is 100 during a battle. $ == 100; didn't seem to work in the conditional branch's script condition.
  18. Studio Blue

    TP not showing up properly in battle

    OK, so this error has me scratching my head, because I cannot figure out what's causing it, if it's plugin or event, or what. Basically, the TP shown in the status screen (and on the main HUD) is not what is showing as the TP in the battle engine (and therefore affects what TP skills can be...
  19. Emperor DragonBreath

    TP Damage/Drain

    Just as the title implies, is there any plugin that allows a skill to drain TP, because one of my games has a boss named Irma who has a move called Greed, since she's the manifestation of greed, that is supposed to allow her to steal your party's TP and add it to her own.
  20. Custom TP Mode for specific classes

    Hey there rpg maker community! I'm brand new here and this is my first post. I was wondering how I might have my project set up so that different classes in my RPG use different TP modes. I'm currently using many of the Yanfly plugins including Core Engine and Enhanced TP. Sorry if this question...

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