1. purplekirby54

    How to set custom TPs based on weaponry?

    So, in this game, I am using a sort of "False" ammunition / energy system using the TP as a guide. Each attack will automatically drain 1 TP, obviously (doing a shot with a pistol, or swinging a club drains one bullet / one bit of stamina). However, I have no idea how to set the TP to various...
  2. ShinySlowqueen

    Yanfly Menu Engine - TP Bar

    I've got Yanfly's Menu Engine installed, and I'd like three separate bars on my menu screen for HP, MP, and TP. However, I can't figure out how to NOT make the menu look like this - With MP and TP on the same bar and MP totally gone for some.
  3. Leysos

    Enable TP for individual characters in-game with switches

    In Final Fantasy 9, there existed Trance- a state that gave a character overall stat bonuses plus additional effects (new skill types, double-casting, etc.) when a gauge was filled up. I already have the means to create this effect thanks to Yanfly's tips & tricks video on it, but it was the...
  4. Questions about the combat mechanics

    How does Luck affect the probability of a status effect triggering? How does the game recognize a positive status effect or a negative one? How does Agility determine combat order? Is it in order of highest to lowest or is there a random number thrown in somewhere? Lastly, I receive no...
  5. NightHerald

    MP Regeneration While Walking

    Hi! Sorry if there's already a topic on this, but I looked around and couldn't find anything for my specific needs.  I want to be able to have all characters regenerate MP from walking, but not in battle. Or it could be time based by just being on the map. Also I was wondering if there was a...
  6. Skill that resets TP

    I want to make a burst skill that resets TP after use, but isnt locked to a specific number. For example, players can use the skill anytime, but becomes stronger when used at higher TP but resets the TP after using the skill for the character that used it.
  7. Simple script call, Add TP

    So, 2 quick things, I think this is just a simple script call, but i was wondering how to give your player + 2 TP or whatever outside of battle. And i also need a variable to equal the players TP as well..  Thank you for any support you can give me with this.. I hope it's just 2 simple...
  8. ViviCJ

    TP Gauge - Remove 'TP' value from battle screen

    Hello! So as many others are, I am creating a TP limit break system but I can't get rid of the value that shows on the TP gauge. I want to keep the gauge BUT i don't want to show the value next to it. I have tried going into the rpg_window.js file but to no avail! If anyone can please...
  9. C.W. Plainview

    Changing layout of Yanfly's Battle Status Window + changing TP bar

    I'm looking to change the layout a bit of Yanfly's Battle Status Window plugin, but am at a loss how to correctly configure it. I want to remove the action icon, and, instead of putting the MP and TP bars next to each other below the HP bar, I want to make each of them the same length as the HP...
  10. oToToToToTo

    Show TP gain/loss in battle?

    I've been looking around in both the default RPG Maker MV system and into Yanfly's scripts - is there any way to show TP gain/loss? You can see HP and MP but not TP - is this just me? Did I break a thing?
  11. Ipsen

    TP turns on/off a switch?

    Say an actor's TP gauge reaches 100 or 0. Is there a way to turn a switch on or off when that happens?
  12. RPG Maker MV Custom 'Resources' such as MP/TP

    What I'm looking for is something similar, if not a double of the plugin that was made for RPG maker VX-Ace "Alternate MP" by Zetu, but a plugin that works in MV. Effectively, I've got a multitude of different classes in the game I'm developing. And I'd like a lot of different gauges to go...
  13. Iliketea

    Getting a fixed amount of TP by taking damage

    Hi everyone,  I need some help with my TPs. I use TP instead of MP, because I like how you get them from dealing and getting damage. BUT I don't want the TP bar be full from just taking one attack from an enemy! It would be the best if you could only get a max of 5 TP per attack. ...
  14. Servidion

    (Answered) Gain ATK based on TP?

    So I want to create a state that has the class gain Attack Power based on how high his TP is. Higher TP = more Attack Power. I have all of Yanfly's plugins (among others). How would I go about doing this? *edit* The answer I came up with thanks to the help of Kiriseo is this formula within...
  15. Nekoyoubi

    NeMV - Class TP Rename

    Plugin: NeMV - Class TP Rename Version: 1.3 Author: Nekoyoubi Release: April 10th 2016 Download: Introduction This plugin allows you to rename and recolor HP/MP/TP displays in your game per class...
  16. Iliketea

    How can I get a actors max TP?

    Hi everyone, I need some help with Yanflys TP enhance plugin. For the TP regeneration part after a won battle I want to set it so that it recovers 10% of the actors max TP.  How ever, I have no clue about java script and when I tried to do it myself I got error massages all over...
  17. TP Death Script Returns a Strange Error

    In the game that I'm making, I've decided to try to change the basic combat slightly. The main feature of this so far, is something I thought would be relatively simple, namely changing the nature of TP so that any actor or enemy which TP reached max, would die. This is the script I have for it...
  18. Help With TP

    I need help coming up with a formula or function. What I'm trying to do is have the initial TP of each actor correspond with their current level. If the actor is a Level 1, he'll start each battle wit 1 TP. If the actor is a Level 3, he'll start with 3 TP, and so on. Similar to Wild Arms 3's...
  19. Mr. Trivel

    Multicolor HP MP TP Gauges

    Author: Mr. Trivel Name: Multicolor HP MP TP Gauges Created: 2016-03-23 Version: 1.2   What does it do? Increases colors used for HP MP TP gauge.   Gif:   How to use? Set up plugin parameters and done.   Plugin: <Link: Github>...
  20. Always Gain Exact TP on Skill Use

    Always Gain Exact TP on Skill Use by lilyWhite VX Ace gives you the option for skills to give the user TP when used, setting a specific value in the Database. There are two particular quirks to this, however, which may not fit everyone's needs. TP is only granted if the skill hits the...

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