1. wrigty12

    Plugin Help - The game isn't recognizing any of the changes?

    I'm trying to form my first simple plugin (No JS experience, but I know general workings of a handful of other coding languages) This one is meant to transform how TP functions, specifically (in order of appearance in my code): All Actors in the Party sharing the same TP value at all times...
  2. wrigty12

    Possible Bug? TP changes to MAX upon death of that actor?

    It seems that every time an actor dies (using SV Battling, turned off all Plugins) their TP get's changed to 100. Is this supposed to happen? Is there a way to stop this from happening?
  3. TP Pooling

    Hello I would greatly appreciate it if someone could make a script so that the entire party would have a single TP bar. For example, if actor A attacks, the TP goes up by 5, and when actor B attacks, the same bar goes up 5. When actor A uses a skill that takes 25 TP, it is taken from the group...
  4. overlordmikey

    Removing MP/TP From Certain Characters (Yanfly)

    So I'm working on a game and using Yanfly Scripts where I intend for all spells to have limits on how many times you can use them in battle except in the case of one character. IS there a way in which I can remove MP from all but that character in both battle and on the menu? Thank you all in...
  5. anonymoose

    HP/MP/TP Gauge Color change

    I am using Syvkal's Menu Bars VXAce and was wondering how to change the colors of the bars. Thanks in advance.
  6. Silenity

    Yanfly TP Manager Edit

    Hello. I'm using Yanfly's TP Manager script. I'm trying to make it so whenever you change TP modes you will also learn a special skill. Here's how I have my game setup: At 100 TP you gain a state which increases all your paramaters. At 100 TP you can use a very strong special skill...
  7. [ACE] I want to use an item to restrain max TP on a character.

    I've added Yanfly's Ace Equip Engine to add an additional equip slot for my characters. For one particular character, I want to use an accessory type item to restrain that characters max TP. I realize that what I'm asking is not very clear. I will see if I can alleviate the potential for...
  8. Quigon

    No Counter Attack if TP = 0 & counter attacks using TP

    Just looking for a quick snippet, don't know how easy it is but I thought I'd ask! I've looked around and haven't really found anything, but I'm wondering if someone could write me a script that disables actor counterattacks if their TP is currently at 0. I'm using an ATB and have counters set...
  9. Kizami

    Conditional Skill notetags & Max TP recovered by items

    Hello, I have two requests, one of them it's probably somewhat odd, xP I am using passive skills/states in my game, using this script: Everything works perfectly as I want, but I want to add some specific skills which add these "passive...
  10. Faroghys

    Not to show TP numerical value in battle

    Hi, I think this is simple. I don't want the TP rate (the numerical value) to be shown in the battle, only the bar. And I'm not sure what I exactly should remove from the scripts and just blindly removing something related to TP doesn't feel very good idea, I think I'll mess something up. Any...

    TP gain/loss based on party composition

    Hello, I'm currently working on a non-commercial game. One of its desired features is an insanity system. I have it set up in such a way that when insanity (TP) is too high for an actor, bad things happen. The most common consequence of high insanity is disobedience (character having a chance...

    2 questions about controlling TP gain/loss

    Hello everybody! It's my first post here :) I've been stalking the forums for some time but never posted anything before. Disclaimer: I'm using Yanfly's Party and battle systems, Skill cost Manager, SKill restrictions and TP manager. In my current project, I am using a custom TP system...
  13. Genocidal Dave

    Getting an error when teaching characters skills through items

    Hi there. In my current project, I have items that teach you various abilities, however whenever I any of them on a character, the game crashes and I get an error that says: Now, this is kind of weird as the items don't affect TP at all. I've made a list of scripts that I have that might...
  14. Kes

    Allocate a specific amount of TP outside of battle.

    At a particular point I want to allocate a specific amount of TP (20) to an actor outside of battle.  I know that I could inflict a state which would apply TRG, but that's no good, as I want the actor to start the battle with that amount as the absolute minimum he has.  I cannot find an event...
  15. TP Level Up Formula

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if it was possible to have each actor have their own TP level up formula and have it cap no matter what at 999. I know how to do the first part and create the custom level up formula (currently using something simple like self.hp / 10 for example), but I don't know...
  16. tiagoms

    Name, Color and Effect Color for TP Bar (Only aesthetics)

    Hello everybody!   I have a bit of difficulty finding a script that works with the aesthetics of the "TP", if possible, would like a script that could: 1 - Remove the TP bar (one or more actors with a "Tag")   Example: Actor 1 = <Remove TP Bar>                   Actor 2 = <ADD TP Bar>   2-...
  17. Milena

    TP of all?

    So, I want to store all the TP my party member has gained in a window. I made this approach: for c in 0..$game_party.members.size tp_max+= $game_party.members[c].tp end hp_bar = [] for vin 0..$game_party.members.size hp_bar[v] = 143 * tp_max/ 300 # 300 is the maximum...
  18. TP conversion skill?

    I need help creating a certain skill for my game. The idea of the skill is basically a "meditation" skill that converts whatever TP the user currently has into HP and MP. (So if the user has X TP when they use the skill, TP would be set to 0 and both HP and MP are recovered by X points) I tried...
  19. xcom

    Hide the MP/TP bar for certain charactrers

    Hello everyone! So this is what I'm trying to do.  I have some characters that use just TP, and others that use MP, and a couple that use both.  I've been looking for a way to hide the MP bar for the ones that don't use MP, and hide the TP for the ones that do not use TP.  I found Pacman's...
  20. Village Mook

    TP conversion?

    Hey, I was wondering if someone couid give me a hand here. I'm not very experienced with the game maker yet and so I'm not sure if this has to do with scripting or what, but I'm basically trying to turn the TP meter into a seperate sort of MP meter instead of something that fills up over time. I...

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