1. wrigty12

    TP Battle HUD help.

    I am looking to add a TP HUD to my battle screen, but a little more complicated than a single simple bar. Here are two examples of what I am looking for: I would like it to be vertical. What I need/want: 1) I would like it to "expand" over the game, ie. Start not visible, then with 1 "Dot"...
  2. Evan Finkel

    Disable MP for specific characters [Ace]

    Hello, guys. I was thinking to enable MP for one specific character plus disable her TP system and for others enable TP displaying instead of MP in the menu and sooo, dat would reeequiree a llllittle script editing rihgt? In simple words, MP and No TP for one character. TP and No MP for other...
  3. TheOddFellow

    Interfering with Actor TP

    This event takes place during a battle, once a turn, I want to take a specific actor's TP (or that third bar that generates for special attacks.) and put that into a variable. Now, I've tried: \N[0].tp N[0].tp Once I can put it into a variable, I know what to do from there...
  4. xcom

    TP/MP questions

    In the DATABASE under the TERMS tabs, I know we have the ability to rename the MP and TP to something different.  I have a kinda fairly large cast of party members in my game.  Even though certain people have abilities that work under the MP/TP system.  I don't want to call them all the same...
  5. Setheim

    Treat MP like TP or A second TP bar.

    Hey everyone, me again.  I've been trying to find a script that makes MP behave like TP (increase when actor damages enemy and / or when actor gets damage) but no luck so far.  The other option would be to find a script that adds a second TP-like bar.   I guess I could do this with a custom...
  6. Dickjutsu

    Starting TP

    Hey, just a quick question.  I tried searching for an answer, but it's hard to find anything on TP on account of the fact that the search program automatically removes any search terms with less than 4 characters. ;_; I'm having the problem that my characters are starting with random amounts...
  7. shiori4me

    Adding TP to enemies only if they exist? (adding 100 aka 100% tp out of 200% at start of battle)

    Yeah, I want to have it so that at the start of battle, enemy TP has an additional 100, out of 200. There are varying effects, like skills now requiring TP to be 80 + TP Cost instead of 0 + TP Cost, low TP, full TP, and 0 TP to add a variety of things... I already have all the other scripts I...
  8. kanis999

    Is this custom TP system feasible? Relatively simple concept but not sure how to implement

    Hi All, This is my first post. Thanks for looking into my question! I use VX Ace, and would like to create a better TP system. Here are basically all the changes to the default system I *think* I have to make (please let me know if I can already do some of these things without scripts. I know...
  9. Engr. Adiktuzmiko

    Shana's Map HUD v1.20

    ====================================================== Overview ====================================================== This script allows you to display an in-map HUD for HP,MP,TP and EXP. You can make it have a constant maximum width, or you can make the width scale with max HP/MP...
  10. Event triggered by gaining full TP

    Alright, So I'm making an RPG where TP acts as "Stress", which you can relieve with certain skills and gain through damage and using powerful recovery items. What I want to happen is that as soon as TP/Stress hits max, the character will enter some sort of sleep/confused state. Is this...
  11. I need TP to always start at 0

    Morning. How would I do this? I can't have it randomly fluctuate each fight. And just to squeeze this in is there a way to set it up so that starting TP for both enemy and actor can be set beteen two numbers? Like 0 min and 7 max?
  12. Kes

    Enemies and TP for skills

    I know it should have occurred to me before, but it didn't. When I allocate a skill to an enemy which uses TP do they start with any?  If so is it random like with party members, or is it more than that?  It seems pretty pointless to give them a skill which requires a lot of TP, as it means...
  13. R-Soul

    Stop TP From Increasing Upon Hp Damage

    Hello~ I've been using RPG Maker VX Ace for a while now and I have a question regarding TP. So I've been using Victor's Animated Battles and Cooperation Skills scripts, and I started to make some skills that use up 30 TP per character that takes action on a cooperation skill. I did so by...
  14. Problem with gaining "SP" (TP)

    I am reworking the TP system a bit to better fit my game style.  In battle, there are 3 types of skills.  "Magic" which uses Mana (MP), "Special" which uses Spirit (SP), and "Spirit" which uses a variety of things to generate SP.  I've got the 3 categories of skills working, and currently, the...
  15. Leah Prime

    TP manipulation

    Hi. I'm trying too have an enemy which has a skill that..... if it's target (Actor) is at or above X TP, The actor looses X tp and the enemy buffs himself (ideally through using a seperate skill). if the target has less than X TP, the skill fails, the enemy doesn't buff himself. I'm already...
  16. ObtrusiveWhale

    [VX Ace] Actors Keep TP Gained After Battles

    Is there a simple/easy way I can have my party keep the TP gained during battle once the battle is over? This would be very helpful. Thanks!
  17. Keep the TPs the same after a fight

    It's-a-me, again. I had a great idea : create a new skill section called "Overdrive", with inside 1 or 2 very powerful skills, but which need 100 TP to be activated. I also programed my game so gaining TPs is really slow (+2TP with Attack, some add more... but anyway, an attack of the...

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