1. Nirvis

    Tagou: True Self

    Synopsis: The son of the 34th King Jinka, Yun has had a bad traumatic event occur in his past. On the same day, a group of unknown people broke into the castle to steal a key, and on the way killing many soldiers and Yun's lover and killer. Rashly and furiously he wanted revenge on them, so he...
  2. Lord Vectra

    Help needed for my Project

    http:// Screenshots/Gameplay Note: The mapping is horrible at the moment. I have to go back and edit them. I've been focusing on the database, but now I'm starting to focus on mapping because it's not good. It's not horrible, but not being horrible =/= good. I...
  3. Mega Man Volnutt

    Looking for tileset/Charset artists for a Pokemon fan game

    Hey guys. So for 4 months now I have been working on a Pokemon fan gmae for RPG Maker MV and I was wondering if any of you amazing tileset spriters can make me some tilesets in a Pokemon style or a general GBA RPG game style. These tilesets/charset will be used  in conjuction with official...
  4. Sleepy Kitten Games

    TRADE Looking for a Sprite Artist - Willing to make maps in return

    Edit 7/25/16: As of today, we are no longer looking for a composer for Torn Skies. We have selected a composer for this role, @Mario Parmesan! Thank you to everyone who showed interest! Edit 3/8/20: As of today, we are no longer looking for a scripter! Our current project, Torn Skies, is being...
  5. Rune Factory Project Recruitment

    Hey all. After being told I'd have a better chance getting some notice if I came to the recruitment section, I decided to come here. I'm a huge fan of the Rune Factory series and have always enjoyed playing their games. When I heard that Neverland LTD. had gone out of business, I knew that...
  6. baufian

    Too many programs

    so i was just going through the site that i get my programs and games from and realized that i have 2 copies of rpg maker vx ace. i am not sure where i should actually be posting this. but if anyone wants to make a deal and doesn't any rpg maker programs at all, or just wants it to get spell...
  7. Evaan

    Translate a game from Spanish to English.

    I cant speak english so this will be short, i need someone who can translate my project to english. Im a graphic designer, and i offer my services in exchange. This project is called Destiny Chronicles, or *Cronicas del Destino* in spanish. Is a Gamer Visual Novel, with League of...
  8. luckyducky777

    need custom gfx of Bots (team work plz)

    https://youtu.be/BVr2UP5htM0 hi, i'm new to the forums, but not game making. If you check my video link (don't know how to post actual video in forum post) You'll hear and watch a basic sketch of what I'm working on, called "Hackers & Demons" *don't mind the video compression or lag...
  9. Uzuki

    Recruiting For Balancing Director (Non-Commercial, MV)

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for someone that is comfortable working with small numbers and Yanfly's Armor Scaling plugin. Although not a personal project, all of the main story dialogue has been written and a third of the game is already completed. If you chose to take the position, your job will...
  10. VicWhite

    Artists - All help is welcome

    Hello community, After a project that was cancelled when the artist quit to sold the art to a better project, and after some time to endure from this strike, I am coming back. I am a writer with 7 books published and a RPG enthusiast. Been trying things on RPGmaker for almost 6 years now...
  11. RaKaiya

    Character Journal and Trade Information

    Hi,  In the game I am currently making for my business using RPG Maker MV, the main character is essentially and information broker and thief. He will sneak into places and listen in on conversations etc. however, I am having a lot of trouble making this an easy thing to do without making an...
  12. Sriseru

    Complex Barter & Trading System

    I'm working on a game that places a heavy emphasis on trading. It's set in my own fictional setting inspired by Polynesian and Pre-Columbian Mesoamerican cultures. It has a somewhat complex trading system that uses barter rather than money, and I was wondering if I could get some feedback on...
  13. Wyrdist

    The Art of Assistance

         Howdy. So I'm developing a project on RPG Maker Vx Ace (can be found here) and I'm doing this entirely on my own. I would prefer to have some assistance in the fields that I don't excel in. All nonsense aside, the point of this post is for me to request assistance. Here's what I need.  ...
  14. BlackRoseMii

    Looking for someone to help me with balancing

    Since I'm just a beginner in game developement, I have yet to understand how to balance my game. I've tried to understand it myself, I've searched for tutorials, but I honestly still don't quite get it. I don't even know where to start. At this rate, my game might never be released and I...
  15. Juztsacki

    Legacy Of The Forgotten Kings - Recruiting Map Designers

      Welcome RPG Maker Developers,            I have currently 2-3 spots open for an rpg maker mv (map designer position) on our team for a game that my friend and I are developing for the Android platform. The plan for this game is to form a development team that we can rely on and share the...
  16. BlackRoseMii

    Looking for a small team for a visual novel

    In order to distract myself from my main game, I've started a small project, which became larger than I planned. Therefore, I'd like to ask around for anyone who's willing to help me make this a good game. It's a visual novel styled dating sim. Here's what it's about: "Hearts melody" You...
  17. TherainED

    RPGMaker VX Ace - Trials of Transcendence

    First of all, I want to make clear that this project will be very intense in some fields. A lot of content has been planned already, but there are some mechanics and minor segments that still need discussion. Those matters must be solved before the actual project development begins. Some of this...
  18. The Mighty Palm

    The End Game: Now recruiting a dream team.

    THE END GAME (Title WIP/Open to suggestion)     Welcome men, women, evil overlords, slimes, ponies, durians, and etc! *Durians no longer welcome due to odor A bit of introduction before we begin. This is a game I have already been working on for years now. The actually project itself is...
  19. Trading Playtests

    I am a fairly new RPG Maker user, and although my game is in a playable state, I've had little luck getting feedback. If you're in a similar situation, I'm willing to propose a simple trade: I will play through your demo (to completion if at all reasonable) and try to give thorough feedback, if...
  20. BCj

    I'll make you maps in exchange for sprites [IGMC]

    Hi! For IGMC I still need to have a few chibi sprites converted to Mack size (Not looseleaf generator style! I have the bases for you to use) In return, I can make a (few) map(s) for you. Some examples of my work can be seen here...

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