1. Stem

    Is there an Online Trading System?

    Hello everyone! I am hoping to develop an online game, and to make it entertaining, I have decided to add a trading system. This is obviously very odd to create, however, I have an online game already functioning, I suppose. If there has been a plugin similar to this already created, please...
  2. Percid

    Different Selling Price per Shop

    Hello, I have been searching for some plugin that would allow me to set up sell prices for certain items per shop or region. I would like my game to rely on trading for money instead of getting currency from monsters. The purpose is to, as you quest, you stock up on goods and sell elsewhere...
  3. GoodSelf

    Free TCG with RPG Maker game

    Hey folks! So the original idea for my game started as a trading card game, and I had a cool idea! What if I included a PDF of cards that you can cut out and play with along with rules for the card game. It would be bundled with the actual game in the project feedback forums. I'm just...
  4. GoodSelf

    What is your favorite Trading Card Game?

    Hey folks! I'm wondering what everyone's favorite Trading Card Game is, or if you even like this type of genre! I've played countless TCGS: Magic, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Vanguard, etc. But my favorite has to be... I like the fact that I can play it at anytime, anywhere, compared to...
  5. Sriseru

    [Commercial] Specify Selling Price For Individual Shops and Items

    We can easily specify the price for buying an item in a particular shop (rather than using the standard price), but I would like to see a plugin that also allows you to specify the price for selling an item. For instance, let's say we have two item shops: Shop A and Shop B. At Shop A they...
  6. AxelVoss

    Magical Trading Cards and Card Album! [ACE]

    For my current project, I want to implement a menu option that will open a Card Album, in which you can store magical Trading Cards that you can collect and trade with students, find in chests, or obtain through quests and events.   A screen from a Minecraft mod with a similar function to what...
  7. Help Creating an Item Trade/Craft System

    I've been working on a project and have decided to incorporate an NPC who can fashion magical gems from shards of like gems (Example, 3 Ruby Shards =1 Blaze Gem) I know I could always use a conditional branch  that would flow similarly to If player has: 3 Ruby Shards in inventory then -3...
  8. TinyMine

    Tinys Trade System (TTS)

    Tinys Trade System (TTS) + Addons   Script Name : Tinys Trade System 1.15 Creator name : TinyMine   Introduction Trading with goods like in Elder Scrolls or Gothic? Now it is possible. This script extends your game by a complete new shop system.   Screenshots :   Script :  New Versions : ...
  9. Tsukihime

    Party Trade Scene

    This script provides a scene that allows you to trade items between parties. Two parties are displayed in the scene, and you can easily swap items between them. Check out the Kitty Quest demo attached for an example of how it works. Get it at Hime Works!

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