1. Erwill

    RMVXA Train

    Train is a short point-and-click horror game that takes place entirely in a train in France, in 1959. Caution The game contains violence, bloods, some swear words and jumpscares. History On Friday, October 23, 1959, Jerome and his friends, students of engineering school, returned home by...
  2. Momochy

    VX Ace : Modern Train/Subway Tiles?

    I've been searching all over for a modern-looking train tile for Ace, but so far, I've found next to nothing aside from Celianna & Lunarea's steampunk train (gorgeous, but not the look I'm going for unfortunately). I've searched the forums, but most links I've found don't work anymore. If...
  3. Finnuval

    In search of vehicles (MV)

    Hey there once again :D (for MV) SO this time 'round I'm looking for vehicles for map-travel. Specifically the following : A steamliner/boat somewhat like this an old (DC) plane and/or hot-air balloon like this an old truck in these lines and an old steam train Now these would be as...
  4. Rocco

    How to add the Train DLC tilesets/characters

    Hello! I'm having trouble adding the tilesets and characters from the train dlc. I've moved them over into their folders and they aren't showing up on the character generator or in my tiles. Am I supposed to rename them? I moved them over without touching their names or anything; perhaps I'm...
  5. Yaron89

    Train Whistle

    x.x This took me forever to make!! I had to use 2 different editing tools to get it just right. The original instrument used for this (yes omg an instrument!) was a pan flute. Used Rytmik to get the sound clip lower, then I used audacity to get it to be just the way it needed to be. It's...
  6. M.I.A.

    M.I.A.'s Creations & Edits (Updated 26APR20) - Mechasuit

    So, I've been doing some edits lately.. and I said to myself: "Self, why create a new thread for each Resource? You should start your own Thread!!" Here it is!! My Creations and Edits Thread. Terms of Use are listed below. SV Weapon(s): Syringe (Originator Yanfly)...
  7. M.I.A.

    Train Track Edit/Fix (RTP Mine Track Edit)

    So, here's the RTP Mine cart Track edited to address the complaints from the Season Pass DLC 3 Train Tileset "depth" issue. It really took but a few seconds, and it;s not perfect.. but it should suffice. It's an edit of the RTP, but you could basically edit the DLC track to the same...
  8. Lunarea

    Season Pass - DLC 3 Sneak Peek

    Season Pass DLC 3 is almost here! Detailed information about this update will be shared on: Wednesday, June 29th. Update will be available on: Wednesday, July 6th. FAQ~ Why is this release taking so long? Tilesets, in general, take longer to create than other resources do...
  9. Victor Hate

    How to make train?

    Ok I am not sure if this is the right place to ask this but... What would be the best way to do a train stage? The idea is that later on the players have to go on a train to stop something from happening so they have to go on the carts to fight different enemies. Now how would you go...
  10. PrkchpsNaplsaws

    Train & Train Tracks

    Looking for train tracks (if possible, ones that can run horizontal, vertical, and diagonal) and some different train cars / engines / cabooses
  11. Hororo

    train request (subway edit)

    i would like to request to make a train like this one: same design, but different size make the size of that train a bit bigger so it can fit with sprites that im using probably like the sam size of this train: http://www.teamanti.com/rmxp/choochoo.png...

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