1. (closed)

    Hello Everyone I need help can you share your feedback about weapon category traits? I gave each weapon category some traits, I want to know what do you think of them. related to this, also for 'their' venture trial seperate, giving them category and traits. Weapon 3 type: Cut, Blow, Pierce...
  2. Trihan

    A Primer on Database Traits and Effects

    Hello! It's come to my attention that there doesn't appear to be a comprehensive list of exactly what the traits/effects are and how they work, and I've seen more than a few people confused by a couple in particular. And as the resident making-comprehensive-lists-of-things guy around here, I got...
  3. RMMV Traits on equip menu?

    I would like to show stuff like Hit Rate, Evasion and Critical Rate on the Equip Menu. I'm usig the Yanfly Engine. How can I do this?
  4. KrimsonKatt

    Question about "Attack Element."

    So in my game there is a boss that has the ability to turn all battler's physical attacks thunder elemental, which he absorbs. This includes skills along with standard attacks. I currently have the skill target everyone and give them a "electrified" state which activates the trait "Attack...
  5. HotAndColdAF

    Grouping traits or giving enemies inherent states

    Hello! I'm very new to RMMV, so apologies if there's an obvious solution to my problem, but I've been messing around in the Database and I keep coming close to what I need, but not quite there. So, I'm using elemental typing heavily in my game. As in all of my party members and every single...
  6. Nekron

    Player gaining a trait

    So yea. I need help with a player gaining a trait when selecting an option or drinking an potion. Sort of how the do it in Elona. Any idea how to set up soemthing like that ? I want player character to sort of evovle get reawarded with traits.
  7. How to FFTAlike Equipment system

    I'm trying to add an equipment system similar to that of FFTA. Basically you have 5 neutral equipment slots in which you can equip weapons, armor, shields, accessory, etc in any slot you like, but you can't equip more than one weapon or armor at once. I've managed to get the slots, but you can...
  8. Jachan

    Weapons Don't Do With Common Events?!

    While I was working on one of my projects, I got Common-Event (combined with skills) worked properly and was going to put those up-to-ten Common-Event skills in each weapon (think of it as pre-installed materias on FF7 weapons)...... Started to notice that the weapons' trait don't actually have...
  9. Greyman972

    Disable Weapon Traits when using Dual Wield

    Disclaimer: This is my first post so if I've done something wrong or posted in the wrong section, I apologize in advance! I'm assigning unique skill types to each weapon type in my game (i.e. weapon skills). I'm using Unlock Skill Type in the weapons traits in order to pull this off. For...
  10. HumanNinjaToo

    Help to balance weapons

    I would like to know what steps you all have taken to balance out the weapons portion of your game. For example, I don't like the idea of having 15 different swords that all get stronger from town to town. I like the idea of having a set amount of weapons, all of them different and useful in...
  11. Blair Pendragon

    change class doesnt change traits

    I gave my class the regen trait, and when i switched to a new class, they still retained regen. so to combat this, i made them start as a different class, that doesnt have regen. Once they change to the class with the regen trait, the regen doesnt actually carry over. Thats when I realized none...
  12. Lindamood626

    Adding element-based attack buffs

    So I had the idea of a staves for my mages where each staff buffed its respective element on the attack side.  I see how to buff the actor to be resistant to the specified element, but what I'm looking for is essentially the reverse. Example: Jeff has the skill "Blizzard" which does 10...
  13. To whom does Debuff Rate apply?

    What I'm trying to achieve is a shield that resists attempts at debuffing the user's Def. If I give the shield 50% DEF Debuff Rate, does that mean the user has a 50% chance to be Def Debuffed, or that def debuff skills the user uses has a 50% chance of working?
  14. ICF-Soft

    ICF-Soft Main Utility

    ICF-Soft Main Utility - Version 1.03 by ICF-Soft Introduction This is a plugin with a lot of functionality making scripting easier. There are some recurrent functions inside my plugins so it is made to englobe all I will need. It's required for the mayority of my plugins. Note: This is...
  15. Lore86

    Skills & Traits Question

    Hi folks! I'm relatively new to making RPGs in VXAce and MV (I'm now using MV), and as part of my pre-planning process for a game I'm working on, I wanted to ask a question regarding class skills and traits. Also, I apologise if this has been asked before. I have a Paladin/Holy Knight class...
  16. ICF-Soft

    ICF-Soft Main Utility - Develop thread

    This is a new plugin I am developing. It's an usefull sdk with some features that can be used by another plugins. I made this to englobe some functions and features to avoid repeating throught plugins. Current features: traits/subtraits system. selfswitches/selfvariables system...
  17. Moogle_X

    Traits Extension Bundle

    Traits Extension Bundle v1.02 by Moogle_X Introduction This plugin expands the traits option in your database by adding entirely new kinds of traits that you can use to increase the amount of customization in your project. All of these new traits are very flexible. They can be...
  18. Wolf Rawrrr

    Enemy Traits Bug/Crash in Editor

    Hi. Whenever I go to Database/Enemies/Traits, the second I try to edit values for any parameter type (pressing backspace or any number key) MV will instantly freeze and require termination. I have tried with both parameters and ex-parameters, different types, doesn't matter if I am just...
  19. SilverDash

    [Solved] Where are Traits applied to the actor?

    I found where it happens for the Battler. But I can't seem to find where this happens for an actor. Say I equip a weapon and it has a trait that increases max_hp by 5%, where is the code located that actually adds this 5%? Same for unequipping. I ctrl-f-ed through the files but no success :( ...
  20. Tsukihime

    Elemental Negation

    Element rates determine the multiplier effect on skill or item damage. For example, if you have 200% element rate towards fire, any fire damage inflicted against you will be 200% effective, or double the damage. Similarly, if you have 0% element rate towards fire, any fire damage inflifcted to...

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