1. How do I make battle events that move a player to a different room?

    I'm working on a project where I'm using a battle as part of the storytelling - basically, you're suddenly attacked, told some cryptic stuff, then the battle ends after a few turns, transferring you to a different map in the process. What I've been doing is I've got a Troop made up of a single...
  2. ovate

    Mosaic Effect Transfer (Pixelated Transition)

    Mosaic Effect Transfer Ver 0.01 2012/04/22 Creator name: Mikagami Atelier Introduction Uses a pixelated transition effect when using "Transfer Player" command. Usage - Use this script call before "Transfer Player" command $game_temp.me_mosaic Screen How to Use Paste this script above...
  3. Transferring unfinished PS4 project to PC?

    I have spent over 200 hours working on my PS4 project and I just got a new PC yesterday! My project is still very much unfinished and I think it would be easier to complete on the PC than the PS4. Is there a way to transfer my project in progress to my PC? Thank you in advance!
  4. mikey1393drago

    Set event location does not work when the player is transferred to a linked map

    It is still the same problem I struggled with before when I posted something similar, but I feel like the title of this thread explains my problem better. I do not know how to get a set event location to work whenever the player is transferred to a different tile on the same map the event I...
  5. Guardinthena

    Issues with Lag

    I wasn't sure where else to post this, so I thought I would try here. Straight to the point, I have been having issues with lag in my game and I do not know what to do or how I can fix this issue. I believe it is caused by plugins. I have come to this conclusion because I have opened a new...
  6. transfer event only when player is ON TOP of the event ?

    Hi I got a little problem I tried to make a simple transfer event , but this event is on a tile that the player can't walk on ( a well ) unless he activate something else in the game ( a event which make him transparent and allow him to walk on the well ) normally the player can't walk on it...
  7. DragonDancer

    Help! - Trying to transfer character based on variables!

    I'm using arleq1n's Tactics System, and working on random encounters. I have it so that the map is covered with events that have a 1 in 10 chance of transporting the player to a battle map. After the battle, I want the player to be transferred back to the place on the map that the event was...
  8. chyj4747

    Seamless map transfer. Rendering two maps at the same frame[Jobs left: 0]

    Released: Here I searched and asked online for days but no one had a solution that can really make seamless maps. Merging maps into one or creating common parts for each map are solutions but not good enough. Therefore I am working on my own plugin for this feature. With this plugin, you can...
  9. dixonxux

    Timer and choices Help

    Thanks for KURO DCUPU's help, my timer works fine now. However, when I do this, which I enter another room(map) doing choices, I will get stuck when time goes to 0 but when I clicked the option once or twice I got transferred like I meant to. I have a separate set of variables to limit I...
  10. What is the HP/MP/TP Transfer/Absorb Skill Formula?

    For one example, let's say I have a skill that shaves off 15 HP/MP/TP from one party member and gives that to an ally, but the user in question has less than 15 HP/MP/TP; I don't want the party member getting more than what the user sacrificed. You could substitute the 15 for a percentage...
  11. cuby

    Plugin to run a common event on every player transfer -- does this exist?

    Call me crazy but I was sure I saw this somewhere just a few months ago, but now no amount of searching is turning up anything. It's not on the master list either! I need a common event to run on each "transfer player" command. If anyone has any info please let me know, otherwise I'll have to...
  12. (RMMV)Transfering actor to where he was before a cutscene[solved]

    Hello, I have found a problem and hope someone can help me. This is my first forum post so I hope didn't make too many mistakes. And English is not my mother tongue so I'm sorry for my language in advance. So I am currently working on a project, where you can collect memories as Items. If you...
  13. Grassfur

    RPG Maker MV Tutorial: Using Region ID to Transfer Players to Different Maps

    Hello all! Recently I had found myself encountering a rather annoying problem: that of transferring the player to different maps when he/she moves to the edge of said map. That is precisely what this tutorial is here to teach you. Let's say you have a character in an open field, for example...
  14. JoelMarler

    Frozen screen transfer

    I used to be able to transfer between these maps, but now it freezes on some maps upon transfer (it looks like I've moved a space from the edge, the transferring between maps in my game sends you one space away.) I can't open the main menu either, but I can move the cursor. What's happened?
  15. Nyxx

    Same Coordinate Transportation

    So, I am trying to make a mechanic where if the player presses a button or triggers an event, he is able to see a more darker version of the world for a period of time. Sort of like the game "Fran Bow". So, for example, if the player presses "X", he gets transported to a different world but in...
  16. Amarok

    (Solved)Transfer level, equipment and skills from one actor to another

    Hello there, im guessing there must be a way to do this, even trough eventing but i cant figure it out. Anyone knows how to achieve this? As a bonus, would also be possible to transfer the name of actor? (i mean a custom one given trough the name char command) Thanks in advance! :)
  17. JohnDoeNews

    AutoSave+ (Also for weather, day/night, skillgrid etc)

    ======================================== ABOUT THIS PLUGIN - JDN_AutoSavePlus.js ======================================== This plugin: Runs common event of your choice - when you switch maps - when you lvl up Saves or loads the game at a plugin command This is useful for: - Autosave - Weather...
  18. cyanic

    Dependency Graph Generator Tool

    RPG Maker MV Dependency Grapher Tool 1.0.1 cyanic Introduction This program generates a dependency graph of all the map transfers in your project. This program is Windows-only. Features Generates dependency graph in PNG format Integrates directly in the editor as a tool How to Use To install...
  19. Player transfer after battle

    Hello there, I've recently started to use the RPG MAKER VX and I'm trying some things. However I've come across this problem and I don't know what to do: I want to do a battle with let's say "boss A" and right after the battle I want to transfer the player instantly to another map. The thing is...
  20. "If Player is Facing Left" switch

    Hi. I'm pretty new to RPG Maker. It's a simple request but how do we do make the following switch: -If Player is facing left, transfer Player to Position A when he presses the Action Button -If Player is facing right, transfer Player to Position B when he presses the Action Button...

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