transform skill

  1. RoseofElandil

    Change picture for MogHunter's Actor CM Script

    Hello there, sorry to be asking this, but I was stuck on this issue for awhile... I'm using Moghunter's Actor Picture CM script, and it creates an actor image in the format of ( in battles. I was wondering if there's someone kind enough to help me out by adding a function...
  2. KeikeiX

    Transformation Skill (Party only)

    Hello everyone! I need advice on how to create the 'TRANSFORM' and 'REVERT' skills. The 'TRANSFORM' skill transforms you into other characters in your current/ battling party. This skill changes your character's Portrait, Sprites, Max HP, Max Mp, Atk, Def, any other stats (only stats) into...
  3. Andronius

    Yanfly's Actor Transformations Lunatic Code: how to use?

    Hello everyone. Just downloaded @Yanfly's Actor Transformations Lunatic Code, but I'm having trouble setting it up. I'm sorry to ask this, and I hope I'm posting this question in the correct place, (perhaps it's something very easy and obvious for those familiar with Coding and Lunatic Mode)...

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