1. making a boss that spawns mobs continuously and transforms?

    Using RPG Maker VX Ace. I'm very new to the program, I'm making a small passion project. I may make more threads for help here, I have a LOT of questions as I read tutorials. One thing I can't quite accomplish and some friends of mine who know the program very well are also stumped on... how...
  2. DestroyDX

    RMMV Morph Transform Skill

    Hey there game makers! Just wondering how I can make a skill that transforms the user into a copy of the target with the targets skills, stats, states and equipment kinda like ditto's transform move from pokemon or the morph skill from dragon quest.
  3. DarkMagician91

    Use objects as actors in fights

    Hello there! I'm new here so i don't know if iis the right section to post this thread (if wrong I'm really sorry :rsad:) First of all english is not my language so I might be not clear but I'll try my best to let you understand my things. I'm making a game in RPG Maker MV in which the...
  4. Kingkoala

    Transform A Dead Or Appear Halfway Enemies?

    Hey I'm playing around with tranforming enemies in battles in increase the variety of enemies in a given battle. So far it seems like you can only transform an enemy into another once they have "appeared". Wondering if it is possible to transform a "Dead" enemy or an enemy still in the "appear...
  5. blade911

    Actor Transform

    I have a question I would like answered, is it possible to create a skill, that when used, transforms the actor to another actor from the database, for instance, I create the character and create another character as the transformed state and during battle, when the skill is used, the first...
  6. ConurOptomologist

    Move Choices Box

    I've been searching for an answer to this question for a while now, but can't seem to find anything that helps me. Is there a plugin that can shift the choices box vertically and horizontally? I'm trying to create an event title screen at the time with Denis Kuznetsov's DKTools plugin (which can...
  7. Exdeath R6

    Boss battle transformation ?

    Hi, i couldn't find anything to help me with my problem, hence why im posting here. In short. I have a boss which is ,in particular the image for "General_M" . Half way through the battle i want him to transform into this sv animated character called "Duke" which is in fact operated by the...
  8. Ganzimaro

    RPG MV add Pixi.js Plugins

    All the good times of the day. Need help with the introduction of additional features. Since the engine uses PIXI.js, it became necessary to connect the 3d container "link". Can anyone suggest how to connect this plug-in?
  9. Songsmith

    Transform is breaking YEP Animated SV Enemies Plugin (Solved)

    I have a boss enemy that, as part of the battle when you use a skill to switch timelines, transforms into a another enemy (actually an invisible blank slate enemy), and then "follows you through time", transforming back into its original self. However, having the Animated SV Enemies plugin ON...
  10. Songsmith

    Transform breaks YEP Animated SV Enemies

    I have a boss enemy that, as part of the battle when you use a skill to switch timelines, transforms into a another enemy (actually an invisible blank slate enemy), and then "follows you through time", transforming back into its original self. However, having the Animated SV Enemies plugin ON...
  11. Rink27

    Appear + Transform Battle glitch?

    Hello. I'm curious if anyone has played around with this and experienced weirdness when you incorporate Appear Halfway and Transform to enemies in a battle. I have a troop with one enemy NOT set to Appear Halfway and another 8 set to Appear Halfway. ◆Script: :...
  12. Bippzy

    Transform out of a state...?

    Okay, so I'm brand new here and I'm trying to figure something out. I've used RPG Maker in the past, but I've never been one to really understand scripting, and with the switch to JavaScript it still isn't clicking with me. Normally I can get something like this to work through common events...
  13. MeowFace

    Class Change via Weapon Type Equip

    Made for a request here. This script changes the actor's class according to the weapon type he/she is using. So equipping weapon will change the class id to be the same as the weapon type's id. Features: Change Class ID based on Weapon Type ID How to Use: [1] Paste this below Material and...
  14. Aenigmat

    I need some interesting plugins for a new project. (This post serves also to help who need these plu

    Hi everyone. o/ I need some plugins for my new project, i've searched many forums and can't find anything like this. I know its a large request but I think it will help many members that need or even never thought about these systems but will like to use in their projects. :) -> One is a...
  15. estriole

    EST - RegionMapLoader

    ■ Information ╒══════════════════════════╛ EST - RegionMapLoader Version: 1.0 By Estriole File name: EST_RegionMapLoader.js ■ Introduction ╒══════════════════════════╛ Replace map data you mark with region with other map data. usefull if you want to transform part of the...
  16. mr_ringtales_workshop

    Card/pokemon Capture-Like system

    This is sort of an odd request, for a very specific character in my game. But I'm sure this is something that will be requested sooner or later. It may even be possible through eventing. I'm not totally sure. I need a system that works very similarly to the pokemon capture system on the...
  17. MeowCatMeow

    Make enemy transform after health below 50%?

    Useless Knowledge: I'm new to rpg maker MV (only 78 hours), and I can't figure out how to get an enemy to transform after a percentage of health has been lost. I think there was a feature like this in the VX ace conditional branch, but I have not found one in MV. I want to have an enemy, after...
  18. LynX

    Bonus Hp , more than MAX on state "Transform"

    Bonus Hp , more than MAX on state "Transform"  so when hero uses skill/transform he gain state: Overpowered which set his HP above the MAX HP for about 25%(or other value) and when this 25% bonus hp will go below MAX Hp or euall the transform state is over.
  19. estriole


    ■ Information ╒══════════════════════════╛ EST - Clone Transform Delete Event Version: 1.9 By Estriole File name: EST_Clone_Transform_Delete_Event.js ■ Introduction ╒══════════════════════════╛ Want to Add New Event based on template event in current / other map or Transform...
  20. Mr. Trivel

    States EX

    What does it do? Adds more functionality to states. Stacking states - E.g. 10 Bleeding state stacks, 5 Poison state stacks Transforming states at stacks reached - E.g. At 5 Poison stacks, transform it into Toxic state.     Author: Mr. Trivel Name: States EX Created: 2015-10-27 Version...

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