1. Can Enemies Transform Twice?

    I'm sorry if this is a noob question or whatever, I've been using RPG maker for about a week and I'm still learning a lot. Anyways I'm tying to make a 3 stage boss battle. As much as I try I can't seem to make the boss Transform more than once. I guess my questions are, can enemies transform...
  2. Mid Battle Event Questions

    I am uncertain as to how complex of an event question this is (seems less complex than a day/night cycle) and I after searching around I am unable to locate any topics that address this specifically so I thought to ask it right here. There is a special power I want to grant to one of the player...
  3. Character Transformation

    Hello, I'm new to Ace and I've been trying to get one character through the use of an item change into another character. By that I mean different class, sprite, etc. but I want that character to be the same level as the original and than use another item to revert the effects. My current issue...
  4. AlphaSilvr

    Class Change Advanced

    Hello, I am probably asking the impossible here, but I will ask anyway. :P I have a character that can change class IN and OUT of battle. This is pretty important to story. But I ran into something while playtesting... when she would switch to her attack class, her equips would "disarm" if...
  5. Neon Black

    Graphics States

    State Graphics Script v1.3 Created by Neon Black What is it? This script allows states to change an actor's or an enemy's graphic while a state is applied to the battler.  This change lasts while the state is applied.  You can make changes to a battler's battle graphic, character sprite, or...

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