1. DK

    Localization - Translate your project into several languages

    Author: DKPlugins Version: 1.1.7 Description: Localization of game. Translate your project into several languages. Requirements and dependencies: Availability of working plugin DKTools version 1.1.3 or above Features: Unlimited number of languages Ability to use different audio/image...
  2. Ionenschatten

    RPG Maker Translator can't find game data file.

    Heyhey! There's a tool in the world wide web *echoing voice* web...web...web... that is able to translate your games from one language to another. Sounded rlly nice to me so I downloaded it, but now I got a problem with the game datas! My program simply can't find them... But they are there...
  3. CleanWater

    Translating Your Games is Worth It?

    Hi there, There's someone here who is not American/British that translates your game to English? Can you share your experiences? If your game was well accepted, if the cultural references were well received, etc? My main concern is that my games are strongly focused on jokes about cultural and...
  4. saronpasu

    Translate Term Plugin

    active change translate terms. first, check your browser language. in game option menu on change 'auto' or 'English' or '日本語' or 'Default'. this plugin is override of rpg_manager.js and rpg_window.js. usage TranslateTerms.js and terms/ja_JP.json terms/en_US.json copy to js/plugins. plugin...

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