1. GlaireDaggers

    GD Localization - Yet another L18N plugin

    Hey! So I was working on this localization plugin for my own game, Foxblade, and decided I'd go ahead and throw it up on Github in case anyone else finds it useful. The plugin is designed to be really simple to use, so honestly there's not much to it. Localization files are stored in .csv...
  2. CG-Tespy

    FREE Offering Spanish<->English Translations/Ofreciendo Traducciones Español<->Inglés

    ~English~ I'm a Spanish<->English translator with native-level fluency in English and intermediate fluency in Spanish. I'd like to get some more experience in translating things like games, comics, etc between those two languages. I've also done plugins for RPG Maker MV, which I've written...
  3. CG-Tespy

    About Spanish Translations for RM Plugin Documentation...

    I'd like to know if there are any places that hold Spanish-translated versions of RM plugins, so I can see what I should consider translating from English to Spanish (or vice versa) myself. I would like to get some practice doing such translation, and given how (relatively) short and sweet RM...
  4. Elhijei

    FREE I want to translate your game to French!

    Hello! I'd like to translate RPG Maker games for free. I've studied translation at university for three years and I'm considering starting a career in this field. I thought this would be a good place to see if I like it and maybe get some experience. So far I have worked on Phil Alone, by...
  5. FREE I'm thinking about Japanese proofreading

    First of all, I'm Japanese. So I'm not good at English. Recently, I'm thinking about Japanese proofreading. There are sites in Japan where you can sell doujin games like DLsite and FANZA. Since the doujin game market in Japan is large, the number of overseas producers selling is...
  6. Translator++ not finding Map.JSON files.

    Hello! I recently got access to a Russian game that I believe is in RPGMV. Obviously, I don't speak or understand Russian, and the dev doesn't have an ETA for an English translation. So, I decided to look into Translator++. The issue I'm getting while using this program is as the title says...
  7. FREE Looking for Beta-Testers (Needed) for Remainder Studios' "The Town of The Lost Witch" English ver.

    [PLEASE, MAIL IF INTERESTED] Hi, everyone! DarkSpines Games here. So, we are about to finish the translation of the Spanish game by Remainder Studios "The Town of The Lost Witch". It isn't short. Well, you have all the information here: [by the way] Engine...
  8. Rename source images from japanese to english

    Hello, I'm a game translator. I'm translating a game which was made in RPG Maker XP. Some of the files have names in japanese and this causes the image not to appear anymore once it is decrypted. I know renaming files will cause an error too. Is there any way I can fix this?
  9. Padramyr

    German Translation Workshop

    Ever wished that your games could be translated into other languages? English is one of the most spoken languages in the world and a lot of people in other countries will understand (most) of your game. But what about all those people that don't speak English well enough? Don't worry, I'm here...
  10. Translation of Menu and Save Menu

    I'm currently translating a game, but i can't find a way to translate the save menu, it keeps appearing in english and i don't know how i can possibly change it. The menu with items and stuff also has this problem.
  11. buddysievers

    JPN Plugin translation

    Hey and hello, i came arround a script which i think does what i need the only problem is it is in japanese. Google translate doesnt help me with understanding how it works. Not in english nor in german. I hope someone here maybe understand the instructions and could translate them. Here is a...
  12. Lakaroth

    Translation Engine (Fix)

    Hello there, i have find this awesome plugin! Link Plugin By @SumRndmDde And i try to contact him but without success... The plugin work perfectly, but there's two thing... 1) The Plugin Command: [SetTranslation LANGUAGE] In order to force a traslation Doesn't work :( 2) Building an .APK...
  13. Magusalfador

    SRD Translation Engine: Changing the language on event.

    Hi all! Im using plug in. This plugin allows you to go to the menu and change the language of your game. My question is, can someone help me into figuring out how to change the language via an event? The plug in states that I should be able to do it by...
  14. ovate

    Translation Posts Rule for Forum Rules

    Hello, are other spoken languages allowed as long English translation is included in the same post? If a forum poster isn't familiar with English language, should they be encouraged to use Google Translate and mentioned it's use? I recall a mod said something of the sort though I tried finding a...
  15. ts50

    Moghunter plugins to Engish?

    I hope this is the right place! Moghunter's plugins are excellent, but they are in Portuguese. Has someone made a translated version of them?
  16. Goddiga

    RMXP [Translated] "LAst WEEK" v3.00

    "I am going to seek out 'tomorrow'. Yes,You hear it right." "I just have to stay alive until Friday, right?" Napa, the girl who has been haunted by the nightmare since childhood, decided to take a step into the abandoned school she saw in the dream. Something attempted to drag her into the...
  17. Oscar92player

    [Help] Translating the Properties window

    Hello everyone! I'm making a project in VX in Spanish, and everything works fine working on those text that are inside scripts, or the battle logs, and other kind of texts inside the game. But, I have a problem finding a way to translate the texts inside the Properties window (the one you can...
  18. firststef

    Need translation for new terms

    Hi guys! I want to know what are the terms on this site The translation by @slimmmeiske2 is done in 2014 but the last edit says 2015, wich means its outdated.
  19. CleanWater

    Translating Your Games is Worth It?

    Hi there, There's someone here who is not American/British that translates your game to English? Can you share your experiences? If your game was well accepted, if the cultural references were well received, etc? My main concern is that my games are strongly focused on jokes about cultural and...
  20. Val

    Extract Event and Message in text file for RPG maker MV ?

    Hi everyone, I just want to ask if there is some way to extract all the events and message from my RPG Maker MV project into a single or different text files or excel sheets?  Is there someone working on any plugins to help having a big text file software to help for mass editing? The...

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