1. Gravemaster

    Solved - Remove Dialogue Box Transparency

    Anyone has any idea how to remove the transparency from the dialogue box? I have tried both Galv's dialogue background script (a bit too much for my tastes) and following whatever I could find on google to turn opacities to 255, but those are not doing anything. Link of a copy of the game for...
  2. Kokonaugt

    RMMV Changing the opacity for a specific window in battle

    Hey! I'm trying to remove transparency from all the assets in my games (or as much as possible) : I managed to make all of the menu windows that I know of opaque, except this very specific one that appears during attacks in battle. Do you know where I could edit the code to make it opaque...
  3. Character Sprite made in Aseprite has white background despite file being shown as a transparent png

    I haven't used much of 2k3 yet so I wanted to give it ago and made a pretty basic sprite sheet, with the correct dimensions, in Aseprite of this smiley face guy: When I went to put it in the folder to use it, the thumbnail in the database was just completely black and then came up as an...
  4. ovate

    Picture Transition with Demo

    Picture Transition 2014-09-24 Creator name: lctseng Introduction Show picture from left and right that slide, transparent, and slide out with script call. Features -Effects are done through script calls. -Picture can be in front or behind the text box. -Picture appears with a fade-like...
  5. 4136

    [RMXP] Check for player's transparency

    Hello, sorry if this is just as small question to make a thread for. Soo... I would like to know how to do a check if the player's transparency is equal to 0 or check if the player is transparent, I am using RPG Maker XP. I've tried searching a bunch of times but couldn't find it. Thanks in...
  6. Character in cutscene appears but does not move

    In an intro autorun cutscene, I'm trying to make a character move after they appear. The character appears, but does not move. Please tell me what I am doing wrong. Here is my code: Character that appears and should move (Character Appears 1)
  7. Waffledino

    How to make text box fully opaque?

    Hello everyone. I am working on a game and I would like to have there be busts going behind the text box, however I would also like the text boxes to be completely transparent to make the positioning of these easier for me (show picture seems to agree with me more than Galv's busts).  How...
  8. Badweather4cast

    Save/Load Window Transparency

    Hey, I was wondering, is it possible to alter the opacity and/or completely transparentize the windows in the Save and Load scenes? This includes the windows for the save/load files and the message window asking you which one you would like to select. I'm assuming there is a way, as I was able...
  9. Bellfoi

    Making a new event graphic?

    Hey people, In one of my quests, the player must pick up a stool (in order to transport it to a high cupboard so they may reach it). Because I want the stool to disappear when the player picks it up, I've made it into a graphic, so that I can use it as an event. Here is what I've done...
  10. rechronicle

    Transparency not working or I do it wrong?

    Hello, I just want to make the player OFF/Transparent. But it actually does not work.. The player is still visible, and in result make two same person. Here is the look from map editor. Is there any solution to this? Thank you
  11. Transparent Tiles

    I'm working on a tileset made from Pokemon locations and I'm wondering how to fix this dilemma I've ran into. I can create the graphics the way I want, but the transparency over rides the background of the tiles I've set.  Tile one shows the image that creates a transparency on the whole...
  12. rek600

    Opacity for Tile sets?

    Hello everyone out there reading this post! I'm new to to the site and somewhat new to RPG maker VX Ace working on my first game. i wanted to do some experimenting, so my question is there anyway to change the opacity on titles, or anything really like NCPs in RPG Maker VX Ace, and if so how can...
  13. The user interface of transparency Removal?

    Welcome, I would like to ask or know how this interface can eliminate the transparency so that the background does not show through it? Just like RPG Maker VX, there is not transparency thease menu/interface system but Ace have but, i don't want that.
  14. Transparency Issue

    I downloaded RMXP recently and have been having a lot of trouble with the transparency on the tilesets. When I open the program, the background colour is different each time, but never transparent. I used VX Ace usually, and have never had a problem with that before. Any idea on how to fix this...
  15. IdarG

    Window Transparency

    Hello, forum :D I'm wondering if there is any way to turn the window transparency in rpg maker vx ace off ... Because I want my windowskin to be completely black.
  16. Haflway opacity with bush

    Hi everyone, been following threads without an account for a while, but now I'm having an issue myself. I'm trying to make the opacity of the half body completely invisible when walking in trees outside on my world map.  In the Game_CharacterBase script, theres a part that controls the height...
  17. Kes

    Help with an edit above my skill grade.

    I need to edit these 2 images so that the bottom 10% or so evenly fades away into complete transparency, either in a straight line or in a wavy sort of way. However, when I try to do it, it looks dreadful. It is not remotely even. Could someone either do a quick edit for me, or explain exactly...
  18. Tyra Wadman

    "Invisible Character" problem

    :(  So far in my practice game I've run into one main problem (With a few others on the side).  For a cut scene I have the main player walk into a tavern. The bartender acknowledges them and asks the Player to have a seat.  The cut scene ends and the character can walk around and interact with...
  19. jjppof

    Tileset A5 transparency error

    I created a tileset and put it at A5 class, but when I use it the error occur like in the image. The file is in PNG.
  20. Alkorri

    Any GIMP gods here?

    (Apologies if this isn't the right place to post) Hi there! Can anyone help? I was trying to make some Mack sprites for Ace and being a total GIMP noob, I think I messed up. I don't feel like asking someone to make sprites for me as I really want to learn myself. I tried looking up various...

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