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    Intergalactic Traveler The Omega Sector

    Intergalactic Traveler: The Omega Sector Description: Solve all the labyrinths, get the hyper speed, fight against Starships and get the best score you can achieve in Golden gears. This is an Arcade game with Turn based combat. There are a total of 29 stages with 100 areas (plus the bonus...
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    Intergalactic traveler

    Engine: RPG MAKER MV, RPG MAKER ACE On a distant region on the deep space, maybe one that is not reach for our photograph technology, a mysterious intergalactic traveler exist, a subject with a spaceship capable to travel to distant places on the universe, seems that at some point, this...
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    Intergalactic traveler

    ((((((((((((((((((((I COMPLETE THE GAME CHECK IT OUT!)))))))))) Hello there i am releasing to the game concept Intergalactic travaler that is nothing original just a reminder of the classic games like space invaders and similar, (that laser stuff seems complicated so it will be just a puzzle...

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