treasure chests

  1. ovate

    Bonsaiheldin - Treasure chests (front/back)

    I'm sharing Bonsaiheldin's Treasure chests here that I formatted for VX Ace. I added two frames between closed & opened chest and back version. Features - Gold, silver and wooden frames - With and without locks - Front and back Credit: Bonsaiheldin License- Creative Commons BY 4.0 license...
  2. ovate

    Battlers - VX Ace RTP edits / Broken Treasure Chest by SalonTigro Drake

    I'm reposting with permission from SalonTigro Drake. By- SalonTigro Drake To download, here's a link to the webpage: Then find and click on the "Download" image bar which links to Only users of RPG Maker VX Ace...
  3. Eqonesian

    Treasure Chest Malfunction

    I'm trying to make an event that I call a "Chase Chest". It's an invisible event that moves up one tile when you touch it, adding 1 to a variable. Every time you touch the event, it moves and adds one. Once the variable reaches a specified number, the event moves right this time. Basically...
  4. Tai_MT

    Color Coded Treasure Chests? Exciting or Boring?

    Hello. I recently decided in my game to use a color-coding system for my Treasures. I did this because I had to have 3 chests with unique graphics to indicate, at a glance, how they are meant to be interacted with. I decided, "well, why not do this with all the chests? Maybe this will make...
  5. Special question that I can't put into a title

    Okay so, here's what I want to do: Instead of basic treasure chests, I want the player to pick up the treasure chest and place it in their inventory to be opened later when they buy a key from a shop. Once they use the key on the chest in their inventory, the treasure chest will cycle through...
  6. Tommy Gun

    Random Loot! - Video Tutorial

    Here are multiple methods for random loot (stats are not random, only which items you get are). This can be used for items, weapon, armor, etc., and you don't need to only use treasure chests -- maybe an NPC will give you some loot? This tutorial was a request! Let me know what else you'd like...
  7. Treasure Chests

    How can I set treasure chests to open only if you are in front of them?

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