1. Archeus

    Linking two events together.

    I'm not an expert at RPG Maker VX Ace just saying...  So here's the thing: I want to make a tree that can disappear after chopped down. But the tree graphic has got TWO tiles. So is there any way (or script) to link them together so that I can use a self-switch that affects both of them and...
  2. indie

    A creepy tree

    Hi everyone :) I'm not an artist (at all!) but I had a go at making a creepy tree. Feel free to edit it! Free to use for any project ~ no credit is necessary.
  3. masashi86

    I need some fresh flora & fauna but mostly the flora :)

    Hello! It's time to do some mapping for my game this week. :) So, I'm asking can someone make or show me where I could find some different kinds of trees, bushes and such? As trees especially I'd like to find japanese cherryblossom tree, pine or fir (without snow), and some trees in autumn...
  4. Yuliya

    Wanted: White birch trees

    Hello! I'm looking for birch trees (you know, the trees with white papery bark with a bunch of lines on them). I have found a few, but they don't quite match the style of all the other trees I use in my project. The other trees I use mostly are Venere's tree...
  5. TomBeardo

    Tried My and At Some Trees

    Had a go at making some trees in GIMP.  Any comments? (Sorry, I couldn't for the life of me find out how to put this in that spoiler thing!)

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