1. Kupotepo

    Event Label Plugin

    Author: Triacontane from JP forums. Display a label at the top of the event. The label can be set from the note-tag or event name, and can also be specified from the plug-in command. The label appears at the top of the event. Specify the following in the notetag field. * <LB:name> // The label...
  2. Kupotepo

    Backup Database Plugin

    Author: Triacontane from JP forums. Each time you start the game, you copy a set of data folders to a designated location. The folders are stored by date and there is no limit. This plugin only works during test play. It won't do anything in normal play, combat testing, event testing, or...
  3. Kupotepo

    Player Shift Turn Plugin

    Author: Triacontane from JP forums. While pressing the specified key, it will change direction on the spot without moving the player. Change direction on the fly without moving the player while holding down a given key. This plugin is released under the MIT License. Terms of Use: Please...
  4. Kupotepo

    [ATB Gauges] Haste And Slow Plugin

    Author: Triacontane from JP forums. Adds a feature that changes the rate at which gauges accumulate in time progress battle. Agility value remains the same and only affects the gauge accumulation speed. In Triacontane Plugin: Enter the following in the memo field of the database(*) that has...
  5. Kupotepo

    Adjust Graphical Picture Plugin

    Author: Triacontane from JP forums. Caution! * When you set status 'on' this plugin at Plugin Manager, you have to save the project(Ctrl+S) before the playtest. Directions: Can animate the picture at the specified frame intervals. In addition to just animating, from plugin commands, you can...
  6. Kupotepo

    Overpass Tile Event Attach Plugin

    Author: Triacontane from JP forums. * An overpass event attachment for the official "OverpassTile.js" plugin. [You need to get "OverpassTile.js" from your MZ folder.] [please credit: triacontane(original Yoji Ojima)] * When specified as in the notes field below, the target event will be treated...
  7. Kupotepo

    Overpass Tile Vehicle Attach Plugin

    Author: Triacontane from JP forums. It is a vehicle consideration attachment of the official plugin" "OverpassTile.js" of RPG Maker MZ. Small ships and large ships are placed only in the lower layer, and airships are placed only in the upper layer, making it impossible to board from different...
  8. Kupotepo

    Shaking Damage Plugin

    Author: Triacontane from JP forums. Shake the screen when an actor takes damage in combat. You can change the strength between critical and normal. This plugin is released under the MIT License. Terms of Use: * The plugin can be modified and redistributed without the permission of the...
  9. Vis_Mage

    Triacontane - Submenu Commands Setup

    Hey, Would someone be able to help me with setting up Triacontane's Submenu Commands plugin? Even with google translate, I can't for the life of me figure out how I'm supposed to set this up, and can't get anything to show up at all.
  10. Oscar92player

    [Help] Triacontane's Performance Refine plugin

    Hello everyone! Recently, I found a plugin made by Triacontane; the name is Performance Refine, and I tried to use it. It seems that this plugin opens the Console log and writes messages related with the performance of the game, and makes warnings every time the frame rate drops for whatever...
  11. Jonforum

    How remove or set the alpha border to my letter with DTextPicture

    Hi @Triacontane I have just updated the V.1.4.2 to 1.6.2 I have seen some change that I have corrected, but I have two question. I use your script like this. $gameScreen.setDTextPicture('\\OW[8] ' + 'QUEST OF GALAXI ???' + ' ', 42); $gameScreen.setDtextFont('GameFont')...
  12. Jonforum

    D_TEXT_SETTING by Triacontane ($gameScreen.setFont)

    hellos The author is Japanese, he can not help me. Someone can help me with this plugin. DTextPicture.js I am try using an external font with this plugin. From what I read in the plugin You just need add. Plugin commande after other plugin commande This seems not work. Here is my file...

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