trigger event


    Is there a way to trigger an event with multiple key items?

    Hi, I want an event to trigger only when player has/must have two specific key items in their inventory. Though, VX Ace here only allows one? Thank you!
  2. Cap_

    VX ACE: Shift as event triggers

    I am making a LISA style sidescrolling game, and to do that I need a way to use the shift button in my events as a trigger. Is there any way to do that?
  3. Moterius

    Trigger events without moving using coordinates

    So, I'll make this short. I have two events next to each other, and one is supposed to trigger the other. Problem is, the first one isn't allowed to move to do so, and when I say 'move route - move up - skip', the event just skips the move route and nothing happens. The player is ALSO standing...
  4. JDevain

    How to trigger event after using Set Movement Route

    Hello, I'm using Yanfly's Move Route Core plugin. That may or may not be relevant to the solution, if there is one. I want to use Set Movement Route to make the player jump forward 1 tile, and then trigger the event that is on that tile. For example, imagine a row of events, side-by-side...
  5. Carolinsky

    Having one event trigger another ?

    Hey guys, I have a question. I want to have one event trigger another while still being there. Or let me explain it like this. The scenario is that two people are talking while suddenly they hear some noises and an enemy pops up. How do I do that? I hope somebody can help me ! Thank you! (ps...
  6. The_Black_Knight

    Changing the Trigger type of an event page, or using two different Triggers at the same time.

    Is there a way to either change the type of a trigger an event page has, or maybe run two event pages simultaniously? What I'm specifically trying to do here is to have patrolling NPCs, that will chase the player once seen, and on touch initiate a battle, but if the player manages to press a...
  7. MiraclesHappen

    Event doesn't get triggered

    Hello everyone! I've been using RPGM XVA for a while so this is the first time I encounter such a problem. I have an event which gets triggered when the player walks on a specific point in the map. If I start a new game, the event works perfectly but if I continue a game, the event immediately...
  8. mars714

    Transfer player to map and run event

    Hello RPG make forums! I've got what I believe to be a simple problem, but its stumped me as I thought the program would run this event when I transfer the player to the map. But it for some reason just puts the player there and ignores this event. You see I have a rathe long event already on...
  9. Midnight Kitty

    Is it possible to set two conditions for the same event

    I want to create a trap that will be triggered if the player touches it, yet also can be disabled if the action button is pressed in front of it. Is there any way to have this possible because as of now only page 2 of the event takes place. Page 1 Player touch triggered. ◆Common Event:Dex_check...
  10. Fragarachu

    Event can be triggered by outside the event?

    As the title says, can i trigger the event using Action Button without entering the event? Wolf RPG Maker can do this though. Is there something i must do or this is script? If it's a script, i don't know what to search.
  11. gamebuilder101

    Trigger event by player looking at event?

    I was wondering if there was a way to trigger an event by facing it from any direction?
  12. Kes

    Trigger cut scene on equipping armor

    I have a piece of armor which, when equipped, I would like to trigger a cut scene.  I cannot know when the player will equip this armour, if at all, so I thought to use a parallel process, which is messy and not my preferred solution.  However, even that does not appear to be an option because...

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