1. RMMV ABS Alpha - Normal battle

    Hello guys, im using ABS Alpha on MV. I have two questions: 1. Is it possible to do normal fights, if the plugin is turned on? ( I want to make the boss as normal (Rounded) fight if its possible.) 2. If not possible, can i activate somehow a state by actor hp? (Like the knock out state at HP...
  2. DoubleX RMMZ State Triggers

    Purpose Lets you run some codes set by your notetags on some important state timings Introduction * 1. This plugin lets you use notetags to set what happens when a state's * added/removed/expired/turn's updated/turn's reset on the battler * involved * 2. You're expected to...
  3. Black Pagan

    Help improve my Time System

    Hello, I was looking to improve my Event-ing of a Time System. Currently, What i have done is this : - Divide a day into 5 Time Scales - Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night, Twilight, I will refer to these as "Time Periods" from now on - Assign Visual Indicators for each of these Time Periods...
  4. Parallax Panda

    Yanfly's EventTimerControl question (Lunatic code)

    With Yanfly's "EventTimerControl" there's a parameter for "expire code" which runs when the timer reaches zero. What kind of JavaScript would I have to write in there to trigger Common Event 1?
  5. Sparky89

    How do I use a event to trigger another.

    See video..
  6. Parallax Panda

    Is there a solution for "Event touching other Event"?

    I know there's no standard trigger for this (unfortunately, there really should be), but I'm wondering i there is some solution to it besides making a new custom plugin (I don't have the skills to do that). If one already exists that I have missed, please do tell. Otherwise, is there maybe some...
  7. KazukiT

    Triggering an Event with a button press

    I am not sure where I should post this problem. Anyways I am using MV and I am trying to trigger an event when you press a button. For example, if I press the "X" key it causes an event to trigger.
  8. Avanoh

    Invisible Pathways(RMMV)

    Is there a way to make it so that a path in an area is invisible until you enter that path? For example, if you’re in the forest and there’s a secret passage in the bushes, could you make it so you can see the path until you enter those bushes? Or if there’s a secret entrance behind a mirror...
  9. RMMV Jack's Adventure (Working Title)

    Greetings! This is Veggiebad and I am here to pitch an Idea that is in the works. I have seen quite a number of independent games of my time and I really love the creativity some people have when it comes to working on these games, especially from software like RPG maker. Recently playing "To...
  10. Narch

    Assigning Terrain Tag to an event

    Hi everyone. Would it possible, to make a plugin allowing the developer to add a comment inside an event's page to determinte the event Terrain Tag depending on what page it's currently on? So when the command "Get Location Info" is used, it would return the Terrain Tag of the concerned event's...
  11. xTrentx

    Random enemy encounters?

    Hello! I am fairly new to RPGMAKER Mv and I had a question that google didnt seem to be able to answer for me. Any information you can provide is extremely appreciated as it currently has me stuck until I get past it. My question is: I have created 100 "troops" each consisting of one...
  12. Parallel trigger on Show image?

    Just a question. Does code like this Common event If variable 1 show picture 1 If variable 2 show picture 2 If variable 3 show picture 3 which constantly check for variable and change clothes to that number breaks performance by constantly loading images or something? Just to make...
  13. Jonforum

    checkEventTriggerHere, why it stop the player ?

    hi guys, why when i call a rmmv command: obj.checkEventTriggerHere([1]) its stop moveStraight player !? am not understanding why. i try find why with some console.log but nothing. if I remember correctly, when the player touches an event, he is supposed to be able to continue his way , with...
  14. AdamSakuru

    YEP Action Sequence + Battle Event by HP% Question

    I have a question regarding action sequences in conjunction with Battle Events triggered by enemy HP% I made a special thunder dual skill that hits 3 random enemies. The player can use it during the first boss fight (who's weak to thunder). The thing is, if the boss dies while the first or...
  15. idillicah

    Add screen to be touched on load to trigger sound on Webview

    Hello! I'm trying to develop a game that's mostly aimed at the mobile market. However, Webview doesn't trigger music until the user first touches the screen. So, normally, the main screen music doesn't work. It only loads the first level menu once a player clicks on "New Game". Is there a way...
  16. userlame

    There is no event names? / Event to event trigger plugins all borked

    Hiya! I want to mainly make a sort of a trap event that isn't dependent on the map, its own ID or reciever's ID and so on, an event which if specified other events touch then something happens to them. Beyond that, just overall interactions between events that makes the game more...
  17. zelthegamer

    How to trigger an event with a specific key?

    Hello VX Ace users! I am looking to trigger an event with a specific key. For example: When the player presses 'L' On their keyboard, the menu will pop up. Is that possible? I don't mind if I have to use a script.
  18. Cloud_FFVII

    Force a Key press from Script | Trigger Event in front of the Player from Script

    Hello everyone! I've been searching and trying different things all over internet, without luck... I would appreaciate if someone gives me some light on this... WHAT I AM TRYING TO DO. Originally, the idea is to create a Resident Evil style gameplay, I have all set already: menu with...
  19. Event indicators

    Friends i have seen that in a few rpg games like the one i downloaded from here called Homework-Salesman that in front of an event there is an animation letting you know to visit that object to trigger the event. My question is how do i implement that indicator. See image below and look at the...
  20. leoroura

    Random Roulette Plugin/Mechanic?

    Hello! It's me again :p This time i want to make something similar to a roulette that stops randomly... Now, i know there are some plugins out there but i couldn't find a way to recreate exactly what i'm aiming for... Ever played a mobile game where you spin a roulette to get an item? Well, it's...

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