troop event

  1. Zaezul

    Troop Battle Event extending to all other Troops - MZ

    I'm very new to rpgmaker and so I thought I'd jump in with the latest release. To explain the problem further, I've made a battle event for a specific troop (first screenshot) which essentially boils down to a little dialogue and it starts at turn "0". For some reason, this event runs for every...
  2. ProfessorCreepyPasta

    Battle Events Connected To All Troops?

    I'm getting frustrated trying to figure out something. I noticed that in MV if I make an event happen in a battle on a certain turn, turn 6 to be exact, the event also happens in all battles on turn 6 no matter what enemy I'm battling for some reason. Is there any way to fix this?
  3. Finmide

    Multiple Piece Enemy issues

    I was making an enemy that has multiple pieces to it (head, torso, l arm, r arm, tail) and each one attacks separately. However I only want the battle to end once the torso is defeated and I made a makeshift disable mechanic for the other parts. But the issue is in order for the disable mechanic...
  4. Doubt: How to stop a troop from reaparing after once

    Good morning everybody! ^^ First of all, i need to apologize for my english and to the administrators if it isn't the right place for the post. I want to say that google couldn't answer me the reason why i'm asking this. And i don't know if i am asking for a pluging or for a switch thing or a...
  5. Yawgmoth

    Automatically casting animation at start of battle?

    Hi all, So I have a party size of 4. I want only the party leader to be visible at the start of combat and perform the casting action while an animation appears beneath party member 2, 3, and 4 making them suddenly appear and then the animation stop. I want all of this to take effect before the...
  6. KingKraken

    Saving/Retaining Troop Damage/States/etc?

    Hey all! I've been searching around with no luck, but I'm wondering if there is any way to possibly retain any damage/effects done to a enemy troop, so after a loss or an escape, the player could return to said troop with the damage/effects still in place? I'm toying around with a enemy-wave...
  7. Kes

    Clash between instant use and Turn X in battle.

    I am using Yanfly's Instant Cast script. Only one character has Instant, and that is only for a range of items. To achieve that, an additional script was required. I am also using Troop Events (typically for boss fights) where, for example, a variable is keeping track of the boss's HP and...
  8. Battle Party QUestion

    Hey RPG Maker fam! I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out this thing I want to add to my game. I want to make it where certain battles you are forced to used different members of the party by choice (or random sometimes) and always switch the amount of party members you can use per...
  9. Nerdboy

    Need Help with Timer and Troop Events

    hi, im trying to add personality to each enemy by having it so short random blurps are outputted on message window during combat based on If else timer conditionals. What i'm having trouble with is, that the timer in troop events never goes off for some reason. here's what i got so far, page...
  10. varchild4

    Need help with troop event

    I stopped developping this game for one year so i have to make a new post now that i have time to continue. You can see the original post there but I will resume some interventions here too.  Using Hime's "Tag Manager" makes this Big bird's ability to damage only "insects" but doesn't...
  11. NeXy

    Missing things [Not Resources!]

    Was thinking it would be a good idea to port a little project of mine from Ace to MV just to see if much has changed. So while eventing some troops for a more cinematic feel of the battle I found out that an option to select "Entire troop" in "Show Battle Animation" event was missing, that is, I...
  12. Allowing events in troops to happen when all enemies are defeated

    A while back, I tried to have an event occur just after all enemies were defeated but discovered that the victory message took priority over everything and the battle would exit before the event would activate. Is there a way to have an end battle event occur before battle officially ends and...

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