1. RMMV Fixed Enemy Troop Positioning for to adjust individually for each actor.

    Hi, I´m new to the RM Community. I´ve searched a lot through the internet and all plugins I could find changed the positioning ofthe whole troop at once or the positioning of an enemy but that caused problems when you have at least 2 of the same enemies at once. I want to make all troops look...
  2. CardCaph

    Party/Troop-Based TP

    Hello, I have a request regarding how TP is handled. By default, it is tied to individual actors and enemies. However, I would like for these to be based on parties/troops instead. In other words, any TP accumulated by either performing actions/receiving damage or used with skills would be...
  3. tale

    Battle Formation (ver. 1.7)

    MPP_SpecialFormBattle - 2020/01/21 (ver. 1.7) Creator name: Mokusei Penguin Overview Create battle formation such as back attack and side attack. Enemy Troop Command: <Preemptive> # Preemptive strike <Surprise> # Surprise attack <Invert> # Flip...
  4. tale

    Few of Kido's plugins

    2019-12-05 Menu Game End Quit the game by shutting down from menu. Instead of returning to the title, it ends the game. Dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0kw7mbu942j5mgt/MenuGameEnd.js?dl=1 Enable Video Alpha Enables video alpha transparency By default- game hides the screen when...
  5. jetboost

    Is it possible to generate a troop encounter by using script calls?

    I don't have any time left today to search through google and the code of RPG maker MV to find my answer so i'm hoping someone can help me answer this and show me how. My earlier assumption was that a troop was generated from the info stored in $dataTroops[id] and so I made a line of code to...
  6. tale

    sabakan - Enemy Battle Effects

    Enemy Battle Effects - 10/03/19 (version 0.32) Creator name: sabakan Overview Changes enemy battle effects with appearance, damage shake, and when enemy attacks. Settings: - Enable appearance - Sound effect when enemy appears - Shake when damage is done to enemy - Enable movement when enemy...
  7. Mjolk

    EnemyParty/BattleTroop Switch

    Exactly how a tag team would look but for the enemies, is there a way to switch the enemy team during the battle, but preserving hp mp status etc. to the enemies? I know I can do it without javascript, but I don't know how to memorize their current status. To be clearer: I would like enemies...
  8. OcRam

    OcRam - Battle_EX plugin (for MV)

    Introduction With this plugin you may create enemy troops dynamically from fixed enemy ids or from named enemy group (like 1-4 enemies from named pool "Forest") or use wild card for total randomness (you may exclude some enemies ofc)! Also changing "Substitute" behaviour is possible for...
  9. Yawgmoth

    Enemy Skill that Damages Experience instead of Health?

    I would like to know if creating an enemy skill that deals damages to an actor's experience is possible and if that would require a formula, or script? I'm assuming script but am not sure where to start. I plan on this skill being used by the final boss in my game. Any help is much appreciated.
  10. Yawgmoth

    State Removal Turns Switch Off?

    Hi all, So I have a bard class that sings songs to buff the entire party. Only one song can be active at any time and starting a new song ends the previous song. Each song has a state assigned to it and each state lasts 3 turns. Each song also changes the background music accordingly. This is...
  11. Isabella Ava

    Check if several enemies are dead?

    Hi there, i wonder how to check if specified enemies are dead or not in Battle? as well as if specified enemies affected by state X or not? Thanks guys, pls Help @.<
  12. Isabella Ava


    WRONG SECTION Please close this thread
  13. AdamSakuru

    More control for finer positioning of Enemy Troops

    Description of the Feature: In RPG Maker VX Ace, there was a way to adjust the enemy troop positions by pixel lengths. I can't remember if it was exactly this, but it was something like hold down ctrl/alt and then press an arrow key when you have an enemy in the troop selected to move them by a...
  14. Rinobi

    Manual Defeat / Gameover

    Manual Defeat by: Rinobi This script allows automatic gameovers to be disabled via switch. It functions within all applicable scenes and includes an additional switch to disable in-battle victories. A simplistic yet powerful tool. See script header for details.
  15. spaceperson13

    Kill X Monster Quest Confusion

    I'm trying to put a simple kill quest into the game but I'm running into kind of a strange problem, I think. The Quest: There's a sprite standing in the way of the path - after talking to the sprite, she tells you to kill 10 goblins (specifically goblins, not the other monsters in the troop)...
  16. Troop size placement problem!

    My troop placement is problematic! The game res is 1920x1080, when trying to make troops, the troop maker window in the manager doesnt allow me to place my enemies where i want. The default window is too small, even when i have changed the battleback to one of game res. and so the enemies...
  17. "Down" Status/Ailment and "All-Out Attack"

    // Ok I'm probably writing this in the wrong section so anyone can send me to the right address if I'm mistaken. This is sure familiar to everyone who played Persona 3 or 4: You hit a enemy with the element it is weak against and it goes "down" status. This status dures just one turn, but if...
  18. brunobay.g

    Setting a specific battle music per enemy type

    Hi there, the following thread represents exactly what I am seeking right now: http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/9995-individual-battle-music-per-enemy-type/ In a few words, I would like to associate different battle musics for different troops. I've managed to accomplish this...
  19. DarknessFalls

    Flare Remove Troop From Region

    Flare Remove Troop From Region vs 1.0 Download: Here Credit: Darknessfalls You can use for free in commercial games This script will remove one or more enemy troops from the `encounterList` for a map object. We do this destructively, how ever its also non destructive such that I save...
  20. tsunetakaryu

    Mr.Liu's Plugin Collection: BetterTroopSorting + DrawEventsShadow

    Note: I'm just a porter, not the original scripts writer(Mr. Liu or 过眼云烟 [Guo Yan Yun Yan]). Since Mr. Liu can't read the English texts but want to share those plugins for us, I asked for his authorize then post it at here.  MrLiu_EnemyPosition by 过眼云烟 Auto Set Enemy Position in the Side-view...

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