1. RachelTheSeeker

    Your Alternate Names For Stock Items?

    Hey again! Sorry to create another thread so soon. I'm inspired by a post-related query by @Ami. He was looking for a different name of a classic Final Fantasy "Elixir" -- an item that restores all health and cleanses status ailments. I take his plight to heart; one of the big things I'm not...
  2. Mrs_Allykat

    RMMV Aurora Magica (Demo and Mapping Demo Available)

    Aurora Magica ( Warnings: There are some suggestive materials, some salty language, and too many puns. ) In a game world built around manga-type fantasies, there are social and political ramifications. Nations could not thrive in a world where there is a gender imbalance of numbers. Not all...
  3. Owellow

    Need Suggestions For Voice Project

    Hello all. I have been messing with voice acting for awhile now, and I've made a pack or two of "generic vocals". You know.. variations of common phrases like, 'hello', 'goodbye', shopkeeper banter, grunts and groans and cliche attack dialogue, etc. I'm at a point right now where I have some...
  4. KitKatPattyWhack

    Don't Give Me Clichés or Give Me Death! (Title under construction, I have no idea what I'm doing)

    Hi, I'm a total newbie here and to RPG Maker VX Ace.  I bought the software back when Steam had it for 75% off  :headshake: , but now I have a reason to learn how to use the software.  I probably have a snowball's chance in hell of winning the grand prize, but winning anything would be nice...
  5. DorkLord

    Cliche Quest: A good bad hilarious romp through terrible tropes

    Crapsoft Studios Proudly Presents...     Cliche Quest: Episode 1 Now Available!   Download: | Steam Workshop *RMN link requires VXAce RTP to be installed* Latest Version: V1.02drev3 *If you've already downloaded this from RMN, you will need to re-download and copy any existing...

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