1. Problem with RPG Maker MV "ActorVoicesInBattle" plugin.

    So, it seems like this problem is something that only I've experience, because I have not seen anyone talk about this anywhere else. It seems like the plugin is working as intended, however, when RPG Maker tries finding the correct audio file, it's destination uses "%2F" instead of "/". There is...
  2. RPG Maker MV load generator endless, please need help

    Hello im verry new in this, my englisch is not best, because im usually german speaker. Im verry sorry for my bad englisch, but i hope somebody can help me. I have bought the Maker from Steam, create about two days with it, find this forum und dowloaded free content. Since that my generator does...
  3. karinthefox

    Can't figure out how to make an NPC disappear after a certain conditional branch

    Hello everyone! I can't, for the life of me, figure out how to do this :LZSsad: Would really appreciate the help. I have a certain quest where the main character needs to talk to two characters: Jack and Vica. After she talks to them both, another event will activate and the story will...
  4. karinthefox

    Door event disappears!! Please help!!

    Hello everyone!! I'm having trouble with a door that disappears when I use it and it's driving me crazy. I already tried searching the forums but either I couldn't find anything that helped or the link was broken. The situation's like this: My main character, Lacrima, needs to talk to 2 people...
  5. White screen Deployment Problem

    As stated before somewhere, I'm making a game, and I have a Demo of sorts I want to show to some friends. However, when I try to open the Deployed project ( at least on mac ), I get a pure white screen. Can Anyone help? Thanks in advance! :D This is what it looks like.
  6. map layers help

    Hi, sorry for posting again. I'm having some trouble with my map design and I'm not sure if MV can even do what I want. here is an image to demonstrate what I mean:- https://snag.gy/NODbQh.jpg basically, I know I can put walls and roofs on the cliff type tiles. this will give the map a...
  7. Trouble with Specific Battle Event

    Ok, so to summarize I have a quest in which you're asked to kill 5 of a certain enemy within a certain amount of time. The timer works fine, so does the switch that activates once the timer reaches 0:00 and the proper text prompt comes up when you manage to complete the quest and return to the...
  8. crayartist_88


    Hey guys, I'm a newbie at making an rpg game and I'm using RPG MAKER MV. So my problem is that I'm trying to apply different bgms in each map I have but the last bgm that was played is continuing to play on a different map that has an autorun event that contains a "fadeout bgm" and "play bgm...
  9. Shiradesu

    Different Sprite Sizes?

    Hello, I am pretty new here and I hope I got this in the correct thread. If not I apologize in advance. I have some trouble with sprite-making. I wish to do spritesheets like the ones in "Ib", as far as I know, they use two tiles, but only walk in one... What is the name of this sprite size...
  10. Zheg

    Scene not defined

    Hi everyone im having a trouble with adding a scene to optionCore plugin of yanfly i want to add the monsterBook plugin of Mr. Trivel https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/monster-book.49363/ but when adding it, says Scene_MonsterBook not defined i got this when selecting the...
  11. Guardinthena

    Trouble with Kread-EX's Asagi Gun License

    As the title suggests, I'm having difficulty getting the Asagi's Gun License to work properly. I'm using Trihan's modified version of Kread-Ex's. I've tried following the directions on Grimoire Castle and Trihan's post on the modifications he's done to it and looking up other help pages but I...
  12. AdamSakuru

    Help: My Game Project (Sin Tax) Is Crashing For Some People!

    PLEASE LEAVE A RESPONSE TO THIS THREAD IF THE GAME CRASHED FOR YOU! (I may inquire further testing from you if you're interested) The demo of my game project has worked for most who've played it, but a couple of people have reported that after the game's first random battle, the game crashes...
  13. Trouble with MOGHunter's Character Poses - Player disappearing after death

    Hello, everyone. This time, I'm having yet another trouble with one of MOGHunter's Scripts. This time, it's specifically his Character Poses plugin (https://atelierrgss.wordpress.com/rmv-character-poses/) and, presumably, his Chrono Engine plugin is involved with the problem as well...
  14. Guardinthena

    Trouble with Khas's Awesome Lights

    I...I have no idea how this happened or how to fix this. All I did was copy the note tags, scripts, graphics and everything essential over from Khas's Awesome Lights demo and....this happened. Is there a size limit on how far the shadows will reach? The map displayed in the picture below is...
  15. Victor Script Trouble

    Hey, I'm having trouble with my Victor Script. This is the first time I've ever used a script so I followed a step by step tutorial on YouTube, specifically for footstep sounds using Victor Step Sound script, via Region ID. The problem is it just...doesn't seem to work for me. I have the...
  16. Yanis

    Trouble with Doctor Who resources

    Hi, to start I apologize if my english is bad, i'm french ^^ Next, so as I said in the title, I'm looking for DW resources. Of course I've searched a lot on this forum but I can't find something who's simple to setup (but I want to try everything who works with my project^^) I want to make a...
  17. rechronicle

    Anyone having a grammar trouble while developing rpg?

    Hello, I want to ask about the English grammar, recently I got critiques of my rpg mostly on grammars error inside the game, I really want to know how to overcome this obstacle? (Especially if English is not your native language.) Any advice or opinion are welcome. :D Thank you!
  18. yanfly's auto passive states and equip skills plugin

    I'm using both of Yanfly's plugins, "auto passive states" and "equip battle skills" there's other ones i'm using, but they're not that important. The problem is, even when the passive is not equipped, it is in effect. (The actor knows the skill, it's just not equipped.) I don't know how...
  19. Music change on low party HP?

    Good day, ladies and gentlemen. I come to you with a question: How do I make it so that the battle music changes when the HP of the current party is at, say, 10% or lower? It should also restore itself to the normal battle theme when you heal yourself. Do I use common events, or is there a...
  20. BonnieLass

    Respawning Resources Trouble

    So I want to create a resource gathering system where the resources respawn after a certain number of days, which are kept track of via a variable. I'm stumped as to how to do this though. My solution to the problem is a failure. Basically I set up a system where when a resource is gathered the...

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