1. PippeRPG

    problem with yanfly engine visual battle

    i was working on a earthbound styled engine, i put an npc to fight, when i enter on battle I saw this text saying: "Script "Yanfly Engine Ace - Visual Battlers v1.0" line 296: TypeError occurred. nil can't be coerced into Fixnum" then, i tried to go on the line and i saw this...
  2. Rpg Maker MV has stopped working?

    Apologies if this is wrong place, but I couldn't find anywhere else to post. Anyway, as soon as I open RPG Maker MV it instantly says that the program has stopped working. I have tried the usual suspects like restarting, reinstalling, administrator and other permissions but nothing else has...
  3. Changing Character Sprite Causing Problems

    Hello! During an event I want to briefly change the character's sprite when they are transferred to a different location. I found that doing that on the same map caused the player to instead be transferred to the entrance of the map instead. I duplicated the map and changed the location to the...
  4. Speedvore

    [SOLVED] Fonts Not Loading Properly

    I'm having issues with fonts loading properly in MZ. I'm trying to use a custom font that worked in MV, but when I load it into MZ, it doesn't read my font and uses some alternative default font. Here's what I've done so far: The screenshot above shows: I copied the font name...
  5. Can't save in Character Generator (RPG Maker MV)

    Hi everyone, I'm having trouble saving .json files in RPG Maker MV. I'm able to save certain character portraits just fine, but it seems like if I add a certain feature and then try saving it freezes, and I have to exit and re-open the program again. I have a feeling it has something to do with...
  6. Marmit

    My custom .TTF font is causing YEP_Core Enigine to crash the game.

    So I changed the games font by editing the game font file. And the font works, but every time I open the menu screen I get this error message: Can anyone tell me how to fix this?
  7. Marmit

    Are there any plugins that allow you to resize the player characters battle sprite?

    Basically the sprite is far to small, I want to make it so the sprite appears larger in combat similar to how some plugins scale up sprites on the field.
  8. Marmit

    Can someone edit an MP4 to work in MV?

    Resource Type: MP4 Maker Format: MV Art Style: N/A Description: I'm just asking if some one could edit this MP4 to work on RPG Maker MV. Reference Images: N/A
  9. Marmit

    How do I change, format, and implement window skins?

    So in simple layman terms how do I: -Change window skins and correctly format them to implement them. -Change fonts, use different fonts, and format it accordingly.
  10. Marmit

    I need help restoring my project save data.

    I've gotten the infamous "could not load game.file message, and need help restoring it. Past threads didn't offer anything that helped, could some one explain it in laymen's terms so someone as un-tech savvy as me could fix it?
  11. Speedvore

    [SOLVED] Party Member ID Script Call

    I'm trying to reference the agility parameter of a party member, rather than a specific actor in the database since the party will be constantly changing/chosen by the player throughout my game. So basically what I'm trying to find is the agility parameter of party members 1, 2, 3, and 4. I...
  12. The Pause Menu Is Showing Party Members That Don't Exist

    I was testing out my game when I decided to press "x." I was greeted with three members in the party. Two of them not existing. Why is the game doing this, and how do I rectify it?
  13. Trouble Moving The Event's Sprite

    I'm trying to move the sprite the event is using in the project I am creating. For some reason the sprite won't go in certain directions even though it is perfectly fine for sprites to move there. For example: I want the sprite to move down once and then move right a few squares. The sprite...
  14. thezombo3

    Having trouble with BattleEngineCore

    Hi, I am currently making a game and I have a problem with the SV battler standing on my background is there an easy way to move him down a bit Script: Problem:
  15. Deployment screw up, please give me advice!

    Hello, Alright so I was trying to show off what I made to a friend, and unfortunately I choose the same folder as the Deployment zone because I assumed it would be somewhat of just an EXE Unfortunately, it was not so, and thus the filesize was far too big to work around. Now, my issue is...
  16. Fizzie

    So the battle log is stuck...

    I've stumbled across a problem where sometimes if an enemy is defeated the battle log gets stuck. Here is a video i made showcasing this issue: I even showed off the scripts I'm using. I'm stumped because I can't seem to find anyone else talking about this issue.
  17. OmnislashXX

    MV won't load the Test play for me.

    Wondering what kind of problem that I have. So my father went and got the save file for me and I loaded it onto another P.C. Everything seems to be in order. But I hit test play and just a black screen. Nothing else. Now, I have Himeworks, plugins for putting my logo on the screen. Switched it...
  18. MrTuwanda

    Problem Previewing my Game

    Hello all, Upon trying to preview my game, I get an error that says "Failed to load extension from... (the folder the game is in). Invalid Key in Icons: '2550'." We've not changed much in the game, however we did recently install GENE. Anyone know how to fix this? It happens when we make the...
  19. Atezall


    HI everyone, I am sorry in advance if this is not the right place to post my question as this is my first time on the site, but when trying to run my game I currently receive the error message : Failed to load extension from: . Manifest file is missing or unreadable. I have no technical...
  20. Darkbeetlebot

    Can't make finishing attack deal extra damage to weak enemies

    So I'm trying to make a Coup de Grace attack where the damage dealt is only 1.1*attack under normal circumstances, but it jumps up to 10*attack if the enemy is under 20% HP. However, all of the formulas I've tried so far just do not work at all. Using if b.state?(20% hp weakness state); (extra...

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