1. arleq1n

    Tactics System 1.2 (Tactical Battle System)

    Tactics System | 1.2 by arleq1n Download Link Introduction The Tactics System is a tactical battle system for RPG Maker MV. It contains the basic features to build a tactical rpg. Easy to use: Tactics System has been designed to be easy to use. Just create a map with events defining the...
  2. onlimono

    Essence: The Dungeon

    Hi guys! I recently released a game for Android. The game was made with RPG Maker MV, and I had a hard time porting to Android due to performance problems of RPG Maker MV. But I did it! (I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to mv-android-client.) The name of the game...
  3. Psykofreac

    What would you like to see in a tactics RPG?

    I believe the TRPG genre has a lot of potential that haven't yet been explored. The movement, range and locations add a new layer to combat after all. Basically, we can have dash attacks, knock backs, abilities that impede movement or AoE moves that specifically damages a target and their...
  4. Puebeck

    Tharkian Tales

    Hi y'all, I'm fairly new to RPG maker and its community, so I thought I'd share my current project with you and hope to get some feedback. The name of the project is still subject to change, but Tharkia is the world it takes place in. Tharkian Tales Story Synopsis: Two characters travel the...

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Any artists here planning on participating in the Inktober art prompts this October?
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It's rpg maker related so I'll post it here, I worked on a little free rpg maker zine and this was my piece. Play Grimm's Hollow if you haven't already, I liked it a lot. (i don't remember if posting a link to a product even if free is allowed via profile posts, so if anyone knows lemme know)

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